2017 My Year In Blogging

2017 My Year In Blogging

As 2017 comes a close, I’ve been looking back at my first full year as a blogger and considering my year in blogging.

I’m really happy with where I am and the progress I’ve made. I think I’m a better writer and I’m getting better at self-promotion.

I’ve made a few mistakes and published more than a few typos, but I lived to tell the tale.

I’m still painfully aware when I’m publishing something that isn’t perfect, and I’m painfully aware of when I fall short of my own high expectations, but I’m getting better at not letting perfect get in the way of good.

A post that is never published because it’s not perfect isn’t doing anyone any good.

2017 My Year In Blogging

Most Popular Posts

At BlogFest (the fitness bloggers conference I attended this year), I was surprised that nearly every other blogger noticed the same phenomenon I had – our most popular posts aren’t the ones we expected would be popular.

They weren’t the posts we thought were our best, or the ones where we thought ‘nailed it’ when we hit publish. Our most popular posts were the ones that took off for reasons of alchemy that I’ll never fully understand.

Marathon Training Long Run Mistakes

I love marathon training long runs. Sure they take forever, but they are a regular reminder of how much I can accomplish.

After doing long runs for 20 years, I’ve gotten pretty good at identifying and preventing a few of the biggest long run mistakes.

Read MoreLong Run Mistakes

6 Things Runners Should Never Do

Considering how much I hate always and never statements, it’s funny that one of my top posts is about things runners should never do.

Read More6 Things Runners Should Never Do

7 Signs A Marathon May Not Be For You

While I love running marathons, I know that love isn’t (and shouldn’t be) universal.

Read More Signs A Marathon May Not Be For You

Advice For Second Time Marathoners

A frequently overlooked group of runners are the second-time marathoners. They know they can do it, but they still may have many doubts and uncertainties.

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My Favorite Articles

Lessons From The Hardest Half I’ve Ever Done

I like this post largely because it got me thinking about the Drag-N-Fly Trail Half Marathon and if it was terrible as I remembered. Flash forward to September and I was again toeing the line of Drag-N-Fly.

Facing fears is a good thing (spoiler: it is an incredibly tough race, but not quite as bad when you are ready for it).

Read More Hardest Half I've Ever Done

Marathon Training A-Z

This was one of the longer posts I wrote this year, and it came together so quickly I’d written most of it before I realized I was writing a post, not just making random notes about things I could write about.

Read More Marathon Training A to Z

Do I Love Running?

I got a lot of feedback on this post that I wasn’t alone in how I often thought about running. Which left me pleasantly surprised.

Read MoreDo I Love Running

Thoughts On The 1-Year Anniversary Of My Website

Not running related, but still one of my favorite posts of the year.

My blogging adventure began as a personal experiment to find out what the heck people meant when they said ‘I got a website.’ How do you do that?

I found out and kept going to start a blog. Starting down the road of getting used to the idea that I will occasionally make typos for the world to see.

Read MoreOne Year Website Anniversary


Most Interesting 1-2 Punch (a/k/a My Most Controversial or Making Lemonade Out Of Lemons Posts)

In April, I wrote a post about why I have no interest in running the Boston Marathon.

Read MoreWhy I Have No Interest In Running The Boston Marathon

While the post was well received on my blog, in some social media circles, the reception was not as positive (I know, what a shock – social media took on a negative tone? Who could have predicted it?) With threads about how my opinion shouldn’t be relevant because I’m not a dedicated enough runner to qualify for Boston myself.

I was actually kinda proud that I had haters. I knew the people who wrote those comments 1) totally missed the point of my original post, and 2) were NOT my target audience.

It also got me thinking about who was (and who did I want to be) my readers? Who am I as a runner and a blogger?

The end result was a really productive thought process, resulting in my writing both blogging and running manifestos.

Read MoreBlog Manifesto

Biggest Out Of Comfort Zone Accomplishment

I consider myself a much better writer than a speaker. I can’t say I love myself in photos or on video.

But this is slowly changing. The more selfies I post on Instagram, the more I don’t hate (or gasp sometimes even like), my own photos. And as I’m playing around more with video the more comfortable I’m getting in front of the camera.

While at Blogest I got to know a few video bloggers, the eventual outcome of which was my doing an interview on running for beginners for GoJenBeFit.

See the InterviewInterview Profile

Barbara Walters I’m not, but everyone has to start somewhere.

What’s In Store For 2018?

I’m still finalizing my blogging goals for 2018.

I’d originally put together a list then realized my goals were all way too tame, I needed to go back to the drawing board and think bigger.

I do know 2018 will be a year of video.

Video in equal parts intrigues and terrifies me, which I’ve found is the perfect ratio for activities worth doing. In the past few months, I’ve been playing around with video toys and tools trying to get to a level of moderate competence.

Get ready for much more video content in 2018!

Happy New Year!

Sara is a runner, running coach, writer, blogger, and a lover of all things written.

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