My Ideal Off-Season Running Schedule

running schedule

I often joke about it, but it’s true – I’m a good marathoner because I’m a planner. If I’m training for a marathon, it means I have 18 weeks (at least) of training runs laid out in my calendar. Color-coded, of course […]

Puffin Picks 5.18

Puffin Picks 05 18

Puffin Picks are by design a little selfish. They are supposed to be the things making me happy, but this week my picks (or at least one of them) is more selfish than usual. Read prior Puffin Picks posts. Note: Some of these […]

Ways To Measure Running Success

Measuring Running Success

It’s More Than Finish Time People like to measure and quantify, it’s just in our natures. Runners are no different – we like to measure our running success. All too often (in my opinion, anyway) we only look to finish […]

Puffin Picks 5.4

puffin picks 0504

This is ostensibly a running blog, and the original idea of this feature was to have picks that are in some way running related. But that has presented a challenge in April. April and May are my running off-season. I […]

6 Things I Don’t Runderstand

What I Dont Understand About Running

I know a lot about running. I won’t even pretend to be humble about it. I’ve been running for over 20 years and have done everything from tiny little fun runs to an ultra marathon. I’ve coached and paced countless […]

7 Things To NOT Do After A Long Run

Dont Do After A Long Run

Sometimes, you actually have to do things to know what doesn’t work for you. To confirm it’s not just a thing people say, but a thing people say for a reason. For me as a runner, this means knowing what works (and […]

Dos And Don’ts Of The Marathon Taper

Marathon Taper Do and Don'ts

The marathon taper is the last two or three weeks of marathon training. Your mileage decreases as you give your body the chance to replenish depleted muscles and store energy for the challenge to come. Marathon Taper Do and Don’ts […]