Salt Point 26K Trail Race : Race Recap

Salt Point 26k Race Recap

I’d never heard of Salt Point State Park before I first did this race a few years ago and it has quickly become one of my favorites. It’s Northern California trail running at its best – redwood forests, the crashing […]

Oregon Coast 50k Training Recap: Week 8

This week was my first trail race since New Year’s Day! I treated it more as a training run with a bib number than a true ‘race,’ it (spoiler alert) went really well, and it gave me a boost of […]

Puffin Picks: Fitness Conference Edition 2018

puffin pick blogfest

Last month, I attended Fitness BlogFest and IDEA World, a fitness and fitness blogging conference in San Diego. BlogFest and IDEA World is four days of networking, working out, and hanging out with like-minded fitness folk. And then there is […]

5 Terrible Reasons To Want To Run A Marathon

Terrible marathon whys

I often talk about ‘knowing your why’ before you begin training for a marathon. Having a ‘why’ is super important for any undertaking in life, but it is especially true for marathon training, mostly because of the sheer volume of time […]

Oregon Coast 50k Training Recap: Week 7

Oregon Coast 50k week7

It is both a step-back week and a recovery week for me, as I face the post-event let down/hangover after my exhausting (but amazing) time at BlogFest. While I didn’t run much last week, almost 50 miles of walking and (at least) […]

Porta Potty 101: The Unwritten Rules

Line of porta potties

Some runners gauge when they became a ‘real runner’ on finishing a goal race. For others, it’s all about hitting a specific pace. For me, one of the signifiers that I was a ‘real runner’ was that I no longer […]

Fitness BlogFest and IDEA World: Event Recap

BlogFest Event Recap

Last week I was in beautiful San Diego attending BlogFest and IDEA World. IDEA World is a fitness conference for gym owners and personal trainers, and Fitness BlogFest is a side conference for (not surprisingly) fitness bloggers. BlogFest runs for two […]

Oregon Coast 50k Training Recap: Week 6

runners silhouette

This week, a running recap with very little running. But don’t confuse that with my being lazy! I returned to BlogFest and IDEA World (a fitness and fitness bloggers conference) and discovered that attending a fitness convention is WAAAYYY tougher […]

Puffin Picks 6.29

Puffin Picks 06 29

Another mixed bag of stuff making me happy this week, and as usual, I’m wrapping it up with a TV recommendation. It’s becoming clear to me how much TV I watch. Every two weeks, I have a new series to […]