Words To Banish From Your Run

Your brain isn’t all that smart. When you talk to yourself (and you should), your brain can’t really tell the difference between when you tell yourself the truth and when you tell yourself a lie. What you say to yourself (even […]

How To Be A More Environmentally Conscious Runner

Environmentally Conscious Runner

All things considered, running is a pretty low-impact sport on the environment. But there are a few glaring exceptions. We carry gel packs that can easily be dropped (accidentally or otherwise). We leave little footprints that are fine on marked […]

Puffin Picks 4.6

Puffin Picks 040618

Another round of Puffin Picks – the things making me happy and making me smile this week. Note: Some of these links are Amazon affiliate links where I may be compensated if you purchase items or click on the links. Read my […]

Nathan Firebreaker Race Vest: Product Review

Nathan Firebreaker

First things first. Two disclosures about my review of the Nathan Firebreaker Race Vest: I got this pack free from REI and Nathan for the purpose of my review. The opinions in this review are my own. I currently have and […]

My (mostly) Irrational Running Fears

irrational running fears

I’m an over-thinker. Even more so when I’m out doing a long run, simply because a long run means I have a whole lotta time to think without a whole lot else to think about. On a multi-hour long run, […]

Oakland Marathon 2018: Race Recap

Oakland Marathon

Marathon #28 (my third full marathon as a pacer) is in the books! It was a bit of an emotional roller coaster leading up to the race, and race day was filled with the mental math required to do finish […]

Puffin Picks 3.23

Puffin Picks

I’m running the Oakland Marathon this weekend! As usually happens in the weeks before a marathon, I’ve been layin’ low lately. I haven’t been doing anything new or eating anything new. It’s not exciting, but it usually leads to a […]

The 8 Stages Of Running A Marathon

Stages Of Running A Marathon

This is the last in a 4 part ‘Stages Of Marathoning’ series: 7 Stages of Marathon Training 4 Stages of Marathon Week 6 Stages of Marathon Morning  8 Stages of Running A Marathon I’ve often heard people talk about a […]

Oakland Marathon Training Recap: Week 17

oakland marathon recap 17

One last Oakland Marathon recap! I have one more week of training, but next week is mostly rest and a few short runs. The only real question for the week is if I’ll do the 2-mile run on the calendar […]