Skyline To The Sea Marathon Training Kick-Off

Skyline to the Sea Marathon

So here I go again- starting up a new marathon training cycle. This time for the Skyline to the Sea Trail Marathon in October. During my last marathon training cycle for the Oakland Marathon, many of my runs felt easy. […]

Marathon Training From A To Z

Marathon Training A to Z

Marathon training is as simple as ABC. A is for Advice Never-ending blogs (ahem…) books, articles, and other runners will provide reams of advice on what to do, what not to do and how to survive training. Listen to all […]

Marathon Training Long Run Mistakes

Long Run Mistakes

Ah, the long run. The central focus of the marathon training program. Those runs that make marathoners sound truly crazy to non-runners: “Why yes, I am going to run 20 miles this weekend (for fun).” You need to respect the […]

Why You May Not Lose Weight Running a Marathon

Why You May Not Lose Weight Running

Many first time marathoners expect that the marathon training process will automatically lead to weight loss. It makes sense: Running 50+ miles a week, how can you NOT lose those last 10 pounds? But for many runners, marathon training leads […]

What To Do After A Terrible Training Run

Terrible Training Run

I have written before about what to do during and after a race where everything seems to be going wrong. Unfortunately, bad runs aren’t limited to races. In the months you spend training for a marathon, you’re likely to have […]

Why Marathoners Make the Best Employees

Marathoners make good employees

Can I toot my own horn a little? We marathoners are a pretty amazing bunch. I’ll admit we are a little crazy, we train for months so that we can pay for the privilege of running 26 miles. Terrible conditions? […]