The Things I Love: Best Of 2017

Things I Love 2017

With 2017 coming to a close, I thought I’d use my last Things I Love post to pick my favorites of the year. Read prior things I like posts. Look for a re-branded Things I Love coming in 2018! Note: Some […]

The Things I Love: 12.15

Things I love 12 15

Only a few more weeks of 2017!? How is that possible? It’s been a week of small and simple pleasures – and being paid for things I was going to do anyway. Gotta love it. Read prior things I like posts. […]

The Things I Love 12.1

things i love 12 1

2017 is quickly coming to a close. As the weather turns colder, my favorite things get distinctively cozier. But since marathon training for the 2018 Oakland Marathon has just begun, I must occasionally throw on a motivational video to get […]

The Things I Love: 11/17

things I love 11 17

I don’t know about you, but at the halfway point of the month, I’ve found November to be super productive – likely because I’ve finally realized I only have 90(ish) days to make all my 2017 goals happen! I hope […]

The Things I Love: 11/3

Things I Love 11 3

Can someone explain to me how we are already into November!? I was very startled to find Santa sharing shelf space with jack-o-lanterns. Read prior things I like posts. Note: Some of these links are Amazon affiliate links where I may be […]

The Things I Love: 10/20

Things i love 10 20

The fall marathon season is over. I had a great time running Skyline to the Sea! I have mostly recovered and am slowly readjusting to having hours on my calendar that are unclaimed by long runs and foam rolling. What do […]

The Things I Love 10.6

things i love

I’ll admit I struggled a bit putting together this week’s things I love post. It’s marathon race week for me, so all week I didn’t do anything new, didn’t eat anything new. I laid low and don’t do a whole lot. It […]

The Things I Love 9.22

things I love

A random assortment of things I love this week, including a first: something I bought that made someone else happy. I figure that is close enough to include here, right? Read prior things I like posts. Note: Some of these links […]

The Things I Love: Heat Wave Edition

things I love

The Bay Area recently fell victim to a monster heat wave (temperatures have been over 100 in San Francisco and Oakland… eek!). Heat waves always leave me grumpy and not terribly inclined to love much of anything, but I still […]

Things I Love 8.25

Things I Love 8 25

The things I love for August 25th! The books, products, and apps that are making me happy and making me smile. Read prior things I like posts. Note: Some of these links are Amazon affiliate links where I may be compensated if […]