Event Recap: Mindfulness And The Endurance Athlete

Minfulness and the endurance athlete

Last week, I attended a seminar ‘Mindfulness and the Endurance Athlete,’ held at GU Headquarters in Berkeley. The presentation was given by Bruckner Chase and Michelle Evans-Chase, athletes and ocean advocates. Read more about their foundation and what they do. Listen to […]

Oakland Marathon Training Recap: Week 9

oakland marathon training wk 9

I was totally distracted on my runs this week by filming. All week, I stopped mid-run to film little segments for videos (based on past blog posts) that I’ll edit together and put on YouTube starting next week. I’ve also been […]

Oakland Marathon Training Recap: Week 8

Oakland Marathon Training Recap week 8

I’m in the midst of the January doldrums. My hilly runs were super slow (even for me), and I had a general lack of enthusiasm. I read somewhere that January 12th is the day that most New Year’s Resolutions fail. […]

Oakland Marathon Training Recap: Week 7

Oakland Marathon Training Recap week 7

I started the year strong with the tail end of my 3-day, 2-year running extravaganza. And 5 days into the new year and I’ve already made one of my new year’s resolutions happen by officially launching my YouTube channel with […]

The Brazen 2-Year Marathon 2017-2018

2 Year Marathon Recap

I know going in, this may not be my smartest idea ever. I’m a coach and pacer for the Oakland Marathon training program. We do our long group runs on Saturday. On Saturday the 30th, we are scheduled to run […]

Oakland Marathon Training Recap: Week 6

Oakland Marathon Training Recap 6

I’m publishing this recap a day early since I have races scheduled on Sunday and Monday. Yup, I’m doing what I’m calling a 3-day, 2-year ultra – a 14 mile long run with the training group on Saturday, a half […]

2017 My Year In Blogging

2017 My Year In Blogging

As 2017 comes a close, I’ve been looking back at my first full year as a blogger and considering my year in blogging. I’m really happy with where I am and the progress I’ve made. I think I’m a better […]

Oakland Marathon Training Recap: Week 5

Oakland Marathon Recap 5

I’m a few weeks late starting my marathon training recaps, because I was a few weeks into training before I decided to actually run the marathon. I am a coach and a pacer for the Oakland Marathon training group for Lake […]

2017: My Year In Running 

2017 Year In Running

With 2017 coming to a close, I’ve been looking back at my year in running. As I was going through my medals, I was surprised at how few I had. I feel like I ran more races than I actually […]

That Damn Run Trail Half Marathon: Race Recap

That Damn Run

I did That Damn Run a few years ago and remembered liking it, although I didn’t remember many specifics, only that I liked (and still like) the shirt and the name of it makes me chuckle. It’s held at Cool, […]