Oakland Marathon Training Recap: Week 17

oakland marathon recap 17

One last Oakland Marathon recap! I have one more week of training, but next week is mostly rest and a few short runs. The only real question for the week is if I’ll do the 2-mile run on the calendar […]

Finish Line Decisions

Finishing a race you’ve trained for (seemingly forever), is an emotional experience. I’ve found this particularly true of marathons, where training basically takes over your life for months, but it’s true of any race. Whether the day went according to […]

7 Things Experienced Runners Do

Experienced Runners

After running hundreds of miles over many years (if not decades), experienced runners have learned a few things about what works, what doesn’t, and how to make running a life-long habit. What Experienced Runners Do I sure don’t feel old […]

Non-Running Running Goals

Non Running Running Goals

Anyone who has read any of my posts knows I am a big setter of goals. But I can sometimes struggle setting running goals since I am not inspired by the most common running goal: getting faster. Don’t get me […]

Running Is Boring: Embrace It

Running Is Boring

I think boredom is greatly misunderstood. ‘Being bored’ is often listed as a top reason new runners quit running. But I’ve come to enjoy running (at least in part) because it’s boring, not in spite of it. Harsh Reality #1: Running Is (or at […]

Tips For Running In The Fall

Running in the Fall

Before I begin, I’ll let you in behind the scenes here at blog HQ. I have a list in Evernote where I keep ideas for blog posts. Every half-formed idea goes on the list – I don’t judge it as […]

Why I’m Thankful For Running 

Thankful for running

It’s Thanksgiving, a time to give thanks for the people in your life. I thought I’d take the opportunity to also be thankful for running – after all, it’s one of the things I spend the most time doing. The […]

My Running Rules

My Running Rules

Rules To Run By The longer I run, the more I find myself repeating the same little rules to myself (and others) over and over. Some may seem silly (but that doesn’t make them less true). Others are inspirational or […]