Porta Potty 101: The Unwritten Rules

Line of porta potties

Some runners gauge when they became a ‘real runner’ on finishing a goal race. For others, it’s all about hitting a specific pace. For me, one of the signifiers that I was a ‘real runner’ was that I no longer […]

How To Increase Your Running Confidence 

Runners Legs

Running is one of those activities that can both build your confidence or trigger self-doubt. Oddly, it can sometimes do both on the same run, sometimes at the same time. Ways To Increase Your Running Confidence More often than not, […]

Running While Introverted

woman trail running

Running is a great hobby for introverts. It’s one of the few things we introverts can do alone without getting funny looks and second glances (I’m an introvert and I do many things alone – I’m continually amazed by the […]

Wearing A Fitbit During Marathon Training

Wearing a Fitbit during marathon training

I train for and run several marathons a year. I’m currently training for an ultramarathon. I usually run 5 days a week and during peak training weeks I’m running 50 miles a week. I also wear a Fitbit step tracker […]

5 Times Runners Should Step Away From The Internet

Runners Step Away From The Internet

You don’t need me to tell you how amazing the internet is. You can plan an amazing racecation, find new routes in your neighborhood, join thriving social media communities and make lots of running friends around the world. Runners: Step […]

My Ideal Off-Season Running Schedule

running schedule

I often joke about it, but it’s true – I’m a good marathoner because I’m a planner. If I’m training for a marathon, it means I have 18 weeks (at least) of training runs laid out in my calendar. Color-coded, of course […]

Ways To Measure Running Success

Measuring Running Success

It’s More Than Finish Time People like to measure and quantify, it’s just in our natures. Runners are no different – we like to measure our running success. All too often (in my opinion, anyway) we only look to finish […]

6 Things I Don’t Runderstand

What I Dont Understand About Running

I know a lot about running. I won’t even pretend to be humble about it. I’ve been running for over 20 years and have done everything from tiny little fun runs to an ultra marathon. I’ve coached and paced countless […]

Words To Banish From Your Run

Your brain isn’t all that smart. When you talk to yourself (and you should), your brain can’t really tell the difference between when you tell yourself the truth and when you tell yourself a lie. What you say to yourself (even […]