Oakland Marathon Training Recap: Week Thirteen

Oakland Marathon Recap week 13

Welcome to my weekly training recap for the Oakland Marathon. Read the prior week recaps.  

The full intro to my training recaps can be found in my week one post. The short version is that I am training for April’s Oakland Marathon. I am also a coach and pacer for my local running club’s weekly training group runs.

My Goals for Oakland Marathon Training

  • Be close to my assigned pace every week in the group training runs
  • Do strength and general fitness workouts 3 times a week
  • Do my morning stretching routine every morning

The Plan v. Reality: Week 13

Plan5 miles5 miles5 miles20 miles @ 11:00 minute/mile pace
Actual17 minute NTC5 miles5 miles5 miles7 minute NTC20 miles @ 10:54 minute/mile pace


A cold, rainy, damp day. And for once, I don’t have to go out and run in it!

It is so much nicer staying inside and listening to the rain hit the window than it is to go out and get soaked to the bone.

I don’t think I’m going to get so lucky tomorrow, though.

Instead of my usual morning stretching, I did a 17-minute Nike Training Club app workout ‘Perfect Alignment.’ It was very pilatesesque, lots of leg lifts and flutter leg moves.


How can I be sorer after yesterday’s 17-minute pilates workout than I am after a standard 45-minute strength workout?

I regularly did barre workouts for about a year and was constantly baffled at how such tiny movements can bring about so much soreness (and results).

The soreness worked its way out after the first mile of today’s 5-mile run.


Don’t you love it when you unintentionally match your nail polish and your running shoes? #matchymatchy

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Wednesday is usually a longer run, but with the 20-miler coming up this weekend, even Wednesday is a short run (relatively speaking).

I like it- fitting in 8 or 9 miles at my slow running pace on a weekday is always a bit of a challenge, even with my flexible schedule.


Good thing my focus this week is mindset since I am once again finding my focus wandering. Just like my odd patch in November, I don’t think it’s related at all to my running, I’m just noticing it on the run.

I’ll be spending some time tonight with the headspace app trying to re-focus and settle.

The good news today from the Oakland Marathon. The usual starting area for the race is under construction, so the start/end area is going to move this year. Today they announced the specifics. The starting area is now a 3-minute walk from my front door.

Race day score!


Instead of my usual morning stretching, I did a 7-minute NTC yoga workout ‘Run Ready Yoga.’ It packs a lot into a short little workout.

There was one problem though. Most of the NTC workouts announce when it’s time to switch sides when you need to stretch both the left and right sides. This one didn’t. So I had to do and extra 4 minutes at the end to even everything out.

I liked this little workout, I think I’ll add it into my usual routine (especially now that I know to switch sides accordingly.)


The gang gathers for the longest long run #1. 20 miles in the books! #orf2017lmjs

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The first of the 20-mile runs (the running club will do 2). My streak of feeling unusually good during my long runs continues. I felt great. I finished strong with very little chaffing or soreness.

It has to be the strength work/weight loss combo that is making the difference. Who knew that endless mountain climbers would have this big of an impact?

I stretched at the end of the run and did a bunch more stretching when I got home. That seemed to make a difference too, I wasn’t even particularly sore later in the afternoon.

Tired for sure, a little stiff, but I sure didn’t feel like I ran twenty miles.

Am I to the point where my body thinks running 20 miles is no big deal? Do I want to consider running another ultra marathon? Do I want to put that thought back into the universe?


Barely sore after yesterday’s long run. I’ve felt worse after pilates classes. Did my morning stretching & went for a long walk around the lake to keep moving, but no focused or intentional working out.

Week Summary

Another week without much to say, which is amazing for a week that contains a 20-mile long run.

Towards the end of the week, I was getting short-tempered and mad at everything (mostly due to my new neighbor’s dog that howls and cries for 8+ hours a day – it’s stressing me out having to listen to such an unhappy animal for hours on end).

I did a few Headspace sessions to focus my thinking. It helped, I think.

Next Week: Week Fourteen


Plan5 miles8 miles5 miles16 miles @ 11:00 minute/mile pace
Actual5 miles8 miles5 miles16 @ 10:59 minute/mile pace16 minute NTC workout

Area of Focus

My focus next week is again going to be hydration. I’m not drinking nearly enough water.


Oakland Marathon Recap week 13


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