Puffin Picks 2.9

Puffin Picks

My Puffin Picks are the things bringing a little joy into my life. This week, those things largely center around my filming efforts for my brand new YouTube channel (I still love writing that sentence!).

Doing video is a whole new world for me and I’ve been trying to find the right tools (and repurposing some old tools), to make filming clips for my videos a little bit easier.

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My Puffin Picks

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Pop Socket

Whoever thought of this is 1) a genius and 2) a millionaire.

If you live in the world today, you’ve seen these even if you didn’t know what they are for. You stick it on your phone, and it makes it so much easier to hold your phone while you take selfies (or shot a segment for YouTube).

A year ago, I would have cringed at that sentence. But that’s life. You grow, you try new things and you see the benefits of little tools like this you wouldn’t have seen before.

For reasons I won’t go into here, I’ve been filming segments mostly on my little iTouch. I’ve tried just holding it (without the Pop Socket), and man it’s awkward.

My camera work is still shakier than I’d like (I am a work in progress), but it’s much better with the Pop Socket than without.

Jobi Gorilla Pod

I really do film the video segments on the run, and I’m not (yet) willing to run with a tripod.

However, my little Gorilla pod (with the phone adaptor) is perfect for filming the intro segments to my videos.

Stand it on a table, or wrap it around a fence post, and voila! The camera doesn’t shake.

Imagine that!

The Good Place

I watch a ton of Netflix and movies, but very little actual TV.

The two exceptions are Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (which I have recommended before), and The Good Place, that just wrapped up its second season on NBC.

Not only do I watch this show, I tend to re-watch it on-demand a few days later since it is so smart (and so joke-dense), I miss many of the jokes the first time around.

The first season of The Good Place is on Netflix. The second season is on-demand.

GU S’mores Stroopwafel

I am a sucker for anything s’mores related.

Stroopwafles are largely intended for bikers, who are more able to eat real food mid-workout, but they are just as yummy post-run.

My Saturday group long runs are sponsored by GU, so I’ve been able to try many new (or new to me)flavors of gels, blocks, and waffles.

I’ve had other Stroopwafel flavors before – I’m very confused about why they insisted on adding cinnamon to the hot chocolate flavor and was very pleasantly surprised by the Wild Berries Stroopwafels.

Then… I was able to try the S’mores. A very clear and obvious favorite was born.

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