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Puffin Picks 0309

I feel like this week kinda sums up my interests: gear for working out, then junk food and TV for after I workout.

It’s called balance!

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Puffin Picks

Puffin Picks 0309


This year, I was named an ambassador for SPIbelt. Yeah!

I’ve already mentioned my classic SPIbelt in an earlier post. I just got my welcome package from SPI, so I have a whole bunch of new SPIbelt products to love.

Full disclosure, I haven’t yet tried them all on the run, but based on my history, I’m confident in saying I’ll love them all.

First, I got a large pocket SPIbelt. I’ve used my classic for traveling. My passport fits in the classic belt, but just barely. The large pocket SPI will be perfect for traveling. Now I just need to plan a trip…

Second, I got a double pocket SPIbelt. I use my belt to carry my phone and my keys. It has never been an issue, but I’m always afraid the keys will scratch the phone screen. But with 2 pockets, keys in one, phone in the other! Perfect.

Finally, I got a sling pack/messenger bag. This isn’t an item I have an immediate need for, but it caught my eye and I’ve learned to pay attention to the things that catch my eye.

I think it will act as an upgraded version of a drawstring backpack.


iZombie (on the CW) just came back for its 4th season. Since I couldn’t remember where we were in the story, I went back and rewatched the first 3 seasons. In doing so, I was reminded of why I like it so much.

As the show begins, Zombies exist in Seattle, but no one knows it. The main character (Liv Moore- the show does love its wordplay) is a zombie who works as a medical examiner and she eats the brains of the victims in the morgue. After eating the brains, she takes on some of the traits and memories of the dead. Since she often remembers what happened to the victims before they died, she teams up with a detective to help solve their murders.

iZombie season 4 is on the CW. Earlier seasons are on Netflix.

1010! game

1010! is basically Tetris, but without the falling.

You put different shaped pieces into a (10×10) grid.

Easy, right?

When I first started playing it, I thought it was the easiest game ever, then I had several games in a row where I barely got anything on the board.

So simple, yet so hard.

Another proud member of my phone’s ‘time wasters’ folder.

Thin Mints Brownie Mix

It’s Girl Scout cookie season, and I do love me my thin mints and samoas. But I recently discovered a new baking mix that lets me enjoy the minty goodness year round: Thin Mints Brownie Mix.


It makes a pan of chocolate brownies with chunks of mint chocolate chips. Droooool.

Pillsbury makes other Girl Scout inspired mixes but I haven’t tried them (yet). I’ve been looking for the Samoas cupcake mix, but I’m yet to see it in stores.

How delicious does that sound?

I blame Ibotta for this. I first bought these because I had an Ibotta refund for it. Now I’m addicted.

Thanks Ibotta.

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