Skyline To The Sea Marathon Training Recap: Week 15

Skyline Marathon Training week 15

Another race week! This time: my return to the hardest half in the world (for my money anyway) Drag-N-Fly. This race week was a bit more…

…more what…?

Stressful? Concerning? Worrisome? Than usual.

I don’t know how to describe my Friday night, but I haven’t been that nervous pre-race in years.

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Skyline Marathon Training week 15

Skyline Marathon Training The Plan v. Reality: Week 15

PlanRest5 miles5 miles5 milesRest20 milesCross-Train
ActualRest5 miles5 miles5 milesRest13.8 mile trail race30 min. Yoga

Area Of Focus

Mental prep


Good thing today was a rest day.

After my 20-mile run on Saturday and 7-mile hike on Sunday, I needed it.

I’m sticking with Asana Rebel Daily Workouts for my morning stretching (which I do even on rest days), but this morning’s routine was only 2 1/2 minutes long. That is a little too short, even for me. So I tacked on a quick little 6-minute Nike Training Club  class ‘Core Strength.’


My run this morning was delightfully uneventful.

A good omen for the week to come: there is one tiny little hill on the route and I totally powered up it.

It isn’t that impressive (it’s a teeny, tiny little hill) but given the task in front of me on Saturday, any positive hill vibes I can muster this week the better.


I love running by Children’s Fairyland… #seenonmyrun #jackandjill

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I’m totally convinced that today is Thursday, likely because this week’s runs are all 5-milers.

My weekday runs are causing my weekdays to all run together.

I’ve been a little disoriented all day.


I had exactly zero interest in heading out for my run this morning.


I stayed in bed a few minutes longer than I should have, took a few more minutes to dress than I needed to, and stalled as long as I could.

The run itself was fine, but man, starting it was a struggle.


Much like last Friday, today – other than my usual AM stretching – is a true rest day.

Another busy and active weekend planned. Saturday is a return to Drag-N-Fly (EEEEKKKK!) which maybe isn’t that challenging distance-wise, but OMG the hills. And Sunday is a special yoga outing.

Another rest-while-I-can day.


Drag-N-Fly is done!!!!!!

It was not as terrible as I remember it being, but it was still incredibly hard.

I’ll be doing a full recap (to be published on Tuesday), but the short version is that this race enters some sort of time and distance warp where the course can somehow be entirely uphill, while still ending up where it started. (The topographical equivalent of a Shepard Tone, perhaps?)

This year, it was noticeably cooler than my last outing, which helped the experience greatly.

I feel good about my run.

The demon has been slain!


This morning, I did goat yoga.

What is goat yoga?

You do yoga with baby goats wandering around (there are also goat attendants to sweep up goat poop).

‘Why would you do that?’ You may ask.

‘Why not?’ I’d respond.

Even the teacher said there is no particular reason to do goat yoga other than it is fun and different. I guess there is also some benefit in helping socialize the baby goats, but that is totally secondary as far as I can tell.

The yoga itself was a fun half-hour class of basic moves, with the occasional distractions of having to push a goat out the way or having to hug a goat instead of focusing on whatever move I should be doing.

Week Summary

It was a good week of running.

I’m so glad that Drag-N-Fly went as well as I could have hoped. It is a good way to start my marathon tapering.

And while goat yoga’s workout wasn’t the most workout-y yoga class I’ve ever been to, it was a fun way to spend the morning.

Next Week: Week 16


PlanRest5 miles4 miles5 milesRest12 milesCross-Train
ActualRest5 miles4 miles5 milesRest12 mileswalk & rest

Area of Focus


I’m entering the marathon taper.

I hate the taper. I have to keep my mind right.


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