Skyline To The Sea Marathon Training Recap: Week 4

skyline to the sea recap week 4

Oh marathon training, every time I think I know what to expect from you…

Read prior recaps, and my (now pretty much irrelevant) kick-off post.

The Plan v. Reality: Skyline to the Sea Marathon Training Week 4

Plan4 milesStrength4 miles (2 @ MP)Strength4 miles8 milesyoga or cross-train
Actualnopenot so muchnot reallysortanadasortagetting back into it

This week, a first, a recap-less recap.

It took me only three weeks to find the dark side of my ‘anything but the usual’ training approach.

Laying Low

I woke up last Sunday with an odd soreness in my leg and thigh.

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night with a charley horse or foot arch cramp and then wake up the next morning with residual soreness? It feels kinda like that, except that I didn’t have the initial cramp.

It’s enough to be annoying, and enough to lead me to lie low this week, but nothing to worry about.

This early in the training cycle there is exactly zero upside to pushing it so I decided to rest, regroup on my training approach (more on that in a second), and restart stronger on the other side.

I did intermittent runs and workouts this week, but nothing worthy of a full recap.

Time To Regroup

I’m calling an audible and changing up my training.

I had set out to do ‘anything but the usual.’ But I’m having trouble with that on two fronts.

First: as I mentioned in last week’s recap, I’m not mentally getting into the training groove. I’m totally lacking in anything that creates the positive running routines that I wanted to keep.

Everything is new, I can’t hang my hat on anything.

I was hoping for a little novelty, but I overshot and ended up blowing up the good with the bad. I’m left feeling like a total newbie.

Second: Since everything is new, I can’t easily pinpoint the cause of this weird little twinge. The new training plan? New routes, more hills, new workouts, new yoga, new stretching?

If I’d changed one thing up at a time, I could have maybe figured it out, but now I have no idea.

Time For Plan B

So I’m throwing ‘anything but the usual’ out the window.

‘The usual with a twist’ is my new approach.

I am going to go back to the Hal Higdon Training plan I know and love, but I’m going to keep the rest of my weekly training goals intact:

  • Run 1 new route
  • Run (at least) 1 route with significant elevation gain
  • Do yoga once
  • Do 2-3 strength & general fitness workouts

I think running new routes will go a long way to injecting a little novelty and excitement into the runs. And while I don’t love the idea of doing lots of hills, Skyline to the Sea is a hilly marathon, I need to train accordingly.

As for strength workouts, my gut tells me I tweaked something when I did one of the Fitstar workouts in week 3. I have nothing to back that up, and I think they are solid workouts, but now that the idea is in my head, I don’t think I’ll revisit them.

Coincidentally, I noticed the Nike Training Club app came out with a new version yesterday with new workouts and yoga, so maybe I’ll play around with it and see if I can set up a program that isn’t all 45-minute high-intensity workouts.

I will keep up with the Asana Rebel daily goal workouts, they are a nice way to start the day.

Next Week: Week 5


PlanRest3 miles6 miles3 milesRest12 milesCross Train
ActualRest3 miles6 miles3 miles19 minute yoga workout12 miles (barely)Long Walk

Area of Focus

Mindset. I need to regroup on this whole marathon training thing.


Maybe ‘the usual’ isn’t so bad after all, at least in moderation.


skyline to the sea recap week 4

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