Skyline To The Sea Marathon Training Recap: Week 6

skyline to the sea marathon training week 6

I spent the week a little nervous about Saturday’s trail race. Was I prepared? Should I step down and do the 15K instead of the 26K?

The worrying was all for nothing, as it usually is.

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skyline to the sea marathon training week 6

Training Goals For Skyline To The Sea Marathon

I switched up my training strategy a few weeks ago after a bit of a hiccup. In my desire to break out of my previous running rut I (unintentionally) threw out the positive habits out with the bad ones. So I regrouped and went back to ‘my usual’, but shaking it up. My theme is now ‘the usual with a twist.’

Each week in training I want to:

  • Run 1 new route
  • Run (at least) 1 route with significant elevation gain
  • Do yoga once
  • Do 2-3 strength & general fitness workouts

The Plan v. Reality: Week 6

PlanRest3 miles6 miles3 milesrest25K Trail Race!Rest or Easy Cross (depending on how the race goes)
ActualRest3 miles6 miles3 milesrest 16.2 mile trail race!Rest + extra walking

Area of focus



A quick little Nike NTC session, ‘Extend Your Range.’

Too short to be a true strength workout, but a good option for me to get back into the swing of things on the strength front.


Some friends stopped by to say hi while I was stretching after my run. #seenonmyrun #runderful

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Uneventful run this morning, in the best possible way.

The weather was nice. I felt strong.

Still not quite sure about the trail race this weekend (especially with a heat wave in the forecast). I know I am under prepared, but that won’t be a first.

I’m determined to have an enjoyable (and memorable) day regardless of how the race goes.

It will be an interesting adventure.


I may have stopped mid-run for a bit, put my feet up and watched the boats go by. #seenonmyrun #runderfulworld

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Got a late start today, had to be at my computer at 9 am to sign up for pitch meetings! I am going to a fitness blog conference next week. Or more specifically, it’s a huge fitness conference for trainers and gym owners that has a track for fitness bloggers.

Very excited!

As part of the conference, we can meet with conference sponsors to find companies to work with in various capacities. So hopefully new and exciting things are in the works!

I wanted to sign up ASAP, so I didn’t get out to run until nearly 9:30. Warmer than I would have liked, but I was just glad we aren’t in a heat wave or it would have been miserable.


The hat says it all! #run

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Ran by the spot where I was stung by a bee (I thought) last week. Saw a tree stump covered in wasps.

Two takeaways: 1) it was likely a wasp who stung me last week, not a bee and 2) I think I’ll be avoiding this area for the foreseeable future.

Luckily there are plenty of other options around.


Morning stretching, but nothing else.

I am laying low for my trail run tomorrow.


Fantastic day! A full recap will be coming soon, but the short version is the race went really well.

Perfect day to be running at the coast. Remembered what it felt like to run (ok, mostly walk) uphill for 2 miles.

I lost my oomph a bit on the second loop, so I still have serious work to do on endurance and stamina.

I knew going in that this race was a little ambitious, but it is too nice of course to pass up.


Woke up not too sore.

Did some stretching, and more walking than I would have done on a hot, steamy Sunday, but no other intentional exercise.

Week Summary

Pretty good week. I’m still a little light on the strength front, but I’m not bothered by that at all. I’ll get back to it in due time, especially now that I have a little more confidence in my training post-race.

Salt Point did illustrate a few shortcomings, especially on the uphills, but I have plenty of time to work on the next few months too.

I could have done much better on the hydration front. I wasn’t drinking nearly enough water.

Next Week: Week 7


PlanRest4 miles7 miles4 milesRest14 milesCross Train
Actual4 miles7 miles-3 miles + Strong By ZumbaModelFITBarreFoam Rolling

Next week will be a weird one.

I will be going to my fitness conference, so my running will take a back seat to other workout options for a few days. My conference agenda is packed with sessions on yoga, boxing, yoga-boxing hybrids, and all sorts of strange stuff that caught my eye.

And one nutrition session, just because I knew I couldn’t do wall to wall workouts.

Area of Focus

Again with the hydration. Between the dry air in convention centers and lots of working out, if I don’t make a point of drinking water, I’ll end up a touch dehydrated.


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