Skyline To The Sea Marathon Training Recap: Week 2

Warriors Celebration Lake Merritt

Considering my mileage is still pretty low and my intentional workouts have been fairly short in my preparations for this fall’s Skyline To The Sea Marathon, I found myself utterly exhausted several times this week. Read my training kick-off and prior week training posts.

Goals For Training

My overall theme for this training cycle is ‘anything but the usual.’ I’m trying to focus on positive running routines while busting the rut that I found myself in during my last training cycle.

Each week I want to:

  • Run 1 new route
  • Run (at least) 1 route with significant elevation gain
  • Do yoga once
  • Do 2-3 strength & general fitness workouts

The Plan v. Reality: Week 2

Plan3 milesStrength3 milesStrength3 miles6 mileseasy cross train/strength
Actual3 miles20 min yoga-based strength3 miles27 min yoga-based strength3 miles6 miles20 min yoga-based strength

Area Of Focus

Incorporate Asana Rebel daily goal workouts into my morning routine to replace (at least temporarily) my daily stretching.


My run was kinda blah, but some days are like that. #seenonmyrun

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Today’s run was basically on auto-pilot. I can’t decide if that is good or bad.

While it didn’t do much for achieving ‘anything but the usual’ goal, it did get me up and out the door to run before I spent one second considering the if/when/how/where of a run.

Bottom line: If I get myself out the door to run with no drama, it can’t be considered too terrible.


Another Asana Rebel morning, doing both the 14-minute Cleansing Detox Yoga and the 5-minute daily goal workout.

After doing three of their longer workouts, I think I’ll call it- not a huge fan of their longer ‘freestyle’ workouts. Too much downtime, for sure not worth the 5 bucks a month membership fee to get access to the full library.

I’ll keep the longer workouts (the ones I can access for free) in my workout rotation to switch it up occasionally, tho. I’ll also keep the daily goal workout as a regular part of my morning routine. Although today (day 6) was the first repeat workout. That didn’t take long.

I only noticed the repeat because a main feature of the workout was dolphin pose.

I hate dolphin pose.


I did my ‘usual’ run this morning, but I did it purposely – I wanted to see how the preparations for the Warriors victory celebration were coming along (the celebration is held by the lake near my house).

Last year, they started setting up for the celebration when the Warriors were ahead in the series 3-1 (they went on to lose). This year I noticed there was ZERO set up ahead of time.

I then spent the day at a local winery (R & B Cellars) helping label wine. This was much easier work than a few weeks ago when I helped with bottling, but there was still a lot of lifting bottles and boxes of wine. Boxes of wine are heavy!

It may not be traditional cross-training, but I am counting it as cross-training- I am sore!

Plug Alert!
Check out R & B wines at Riggers Loft in Richmond. Riggers Loft is just around the corner from the Craneway Pavillion, home of the upcoming Empower Race Series. I am an ambassador for Empower – sign up and join me in August!

Riggers Loft Wine Company
Riggers Loft Wine Company (home of R & B Cellars)


Did both the 21-minute Power Strength workout and the 6-minute daily goal workout in Asana Rebel. Both felt harder than some of their other workouts.

No running today, but a lot of walking as I headed over to watch the Warriors victory parade.

I’m not a huge basketball fan, but I may as well get in on the excitement since it’s taking place so close to home.

Besides, I feel like I’m already involved since helicopters scoping the parade route woke me up at 6:15 this morning.


Once again, the usual lap of the lake. While I haven’t been kicking ass in my goal to break out of the usual rut, I think it makes a difference that I’ve been doing it intentionally to check out the various festivities around the Warriors this week.

Besides, I never had too much of an issue with my 3-mile usual run being rutty. A lap of the lake is too perfect to not do for a 3-mile run. It was always the 5 and 6 miles routes that felt stale.

After the run, I did the 10 minute Yoga For Runners Asana Rebel workout. It has some different moves than other yoga for runners videos and workouts I’ve done over the years, but it left me feeling kind of meh. Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it, didn’t feel like it was the best workout it could be.


Sometimes I literally have to stop and smell the roses, even if it is midrun.🌹 #seenonmyrun #stopandsmelltheroses

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For having ‘only’ run 6 miles today, I sure am exhausted.

I started the day volunteering with Hopalong Animal Rescue, an animal rescue group I work a lot with. They needed help reorganizing their store-room. Since I never met a mess I couldn’t organize, I put in a few hours moving boxes and organizing.

Not being a dog owner, I had no idea they make mousse and body spray for dogs until I found a box of it that had been donated. I learn something new every day!

We got done around 1 pm. Since we are in the midst of heat wave, heading out for a run mid-day likely wasn’t the best idea, but I wanted to get it in and done so into the heat I ran.

I slathered on about a gallon of sunscreen and weighed myself down with tons of water.

Finished the run with the 5-minute Asana Rebel daily goal workout (more dolphin pose? really?) AND the 11 minute Yoga For Runners II workout.

So basically, I was continually active from 9:30 am to 4:30.

I’m worn out.


I am more than a little sore (and likely a little dehydrated) from yesterday’s neverending activity, so I made today a rest day, doing only the Asana Rebel daily goal (5 minute) workout and the 11 minute Be Wild and Free.

It was mostly a lot of stretching that felt reallllllly good.

Week Summary

I’m still 100% on my goals this week. Saturday’s run was hilly, and while not an entirely new course, it combined several (known) shorter courses in a new way.

I’ve also done the Asana Rebel daily workout every day since I discovered it (10-day streak!).

My non-traditional functional cross training was an unexpected way to spend the week (both were last-minute asks), but a good workout is a good workout.

Next Week: Week 3


Plan4 milesStrength3 milesStrength4 miles6 miles2 miles or easy cross train
Actual4 miles23 min. strength3 miles19 min. strength4 miles6 miles41 min. yoga

Area of Focus

Hydration. Between the heat wave, increasing mileage, and additional activities like schlepping boxes of wine and dog mousse, I don’t think I’m drinking enough water.

Skyline to the sea marathon training recap week 2

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