The Things I Love 2.10

Things I Love 2 10

Whoo Hoo! It’s the latest installment of the Things I Love bi-weekly series!

Wait, does ‘bi-weekly’ mean twice a week or every two weeks? I’ve never been clear about that…

Please check out the previous Things I Love posts too. I’m happy to say that all the stuff included in those posts is still bringing smiles to my life.

These are the podcasts, shows, ideas, articles, gear, and whatever else is bringing a little light into my life.

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The Things I Love This Week

Arm Warmers

In the Bay Area, Winter runs usually are in that odd, in-between temperature. It’s too cold (at least at the start) for only a t-shirt, but not quite cold enough to require a longer shirt.

The day will warm up, and you’ll warm up. Why carry around a jacket you’ll only need for 20 minutes?

What to do?

Enter one of my newest running items, and one that has quickly risen to be one of my favorites: arm warmers.

Wear a t-shirt and warm warmers when you are starting out and it’s cold. When you warm up, take them off and stuff them in your pack, or roll them down and use them to wipe sweat.

Sara Kurth Finishing the New Years Day Half Marathon
Me finishing the New Years Day Half Marathon in my blue Asics arm warmers

A great alternate use for arm warmers is for protection against poison oak during warmer summer trail runs.

My favorite arm warmers are Lululemon Swiftly. The Lulu warmers have great little grippies at the top so they stay up easily. For a few year’s, Lulu stopped making them so I also have a few pairs of the Asics Chill arm warmers. They don’t have the stay-in-place grippies, but they are a good alternative.

The Kettering Incident

The Kettering Incident is a BBC TV show that feels like it could be an extended episode of the X-Files.

It is streaming on Amazon Prime.

The show is about a doctor, who is originally from Tasmania but now lives in London. She returns home and begins to recall a mysterious incident from her childhood. Was it murder? Alien abduction?

Who knows. She sure doesn’t.

A few takeaways from The Kettering Incident:

  • It made me want to book a trip to Tasmania immediately
  • It made me want to re-watch The X-Files

I’ll admit it took me two watches (three watches of the last episode) to understand what happened in the end.

But totally worth it.

Yoga For Athletes

I’m very conflicted about yoga.

I’m not great at it, but I know it’s helpful for my tight runner’s muscles. I love the workout, but am very confused by many of the classes that are 90% Sanskrit.

As many times as I would go to a class, I never knew the difference between Utkatasana, Marjaryasana, and Matsyasana. I’d spend half the class looking around try to figure out what the move actually was that I’m supposed to do. (As an aside – while looking up the right Sanskrit spellings on the Yoga Journal website I found a pose called ‘Easy Pose’ now that is yoga I can get behind).

Enter: Yoga For Athletes. I took this class religiously when I lived in LA. The video is the exact class that is done at the studio. I remember when they posted the sign for students who wanted to be in the video.

Their tagline: No Chanting, No Sanskrit, No Granola.

It is just a solid yoga workout. No Sanskrit-English dictionary required.


Watercolor Pencils

Lake Merritt Sketch
A recent watercolor pencil sketch of mine

I can’t say I’ve taken to the recent coloring books for adults craze, but I have been doing a lot more sketching lately. I think that scratches the same artistic itch.

I want to be one of those travellers who always has a sketchbook with them and sits in random cafes doing artsy things while drinking lattes. Don’t even get me started on ogling Pinterest for ‘travelling sketchbooks’ inspiration.

With my increased time sketching, I was recently scouring the local art store I discovered something I didn’t know existed: watercolor pencils.

You use them as you would a colored pencil, then when brushed with water, the color dissolves into a wash like watercolors. Much easier to travel with and clean up after.

I have my little kit ready to go for the road: pencils, a water brush, and a travel sketchbook.


Stuff im Lovin 2 10

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