The Things I Love 12.1

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2017 is quickly coming to a close.

As the weather turns colder, my favorite things get distinctively cozier. But since marathon training for the 2018 Oakland Marathon has just begun, I must occasionally throw on a motivational video to get me out the door.

Or more often, I watch the motivational video first, get out and run, then wallow in cozy for the rest of the day.

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The Things I Love This Week

things i love 12 1

Absurdly Motivational Video

Every time I watch this, I feel ready to go out and conquer the world.

I dare you to watch it and not feel ready to take on the day.

Fuzzy Pants

I am a runner and an introvert, which means my very favorite way to spend the day is to go for a beautiful long run in the morning (inspired by the above video), then come home and change into warm and fuzzy clothing and not leave the house again.

Here in sunny California, there is a very limited window in which warm and fuzzy clothing is even remotely appropriate. This is that season.


My current favorite pair of fuzzy pants are How the Grinch Stole Christmas pants I got at Target several years ago. I’ll admit I often feel a little ridiculous wearing them, but after years of wearing and washing, they are nearly as fuzzy as the day I got them.

Fun fact: The Grinch upside-down (the way I see him wearing these pants) is a dead ringer for an alien.

Who knew?

If I could get away with it, I’d have a wardrobe made up entirely of fuzzy fleece.

Infinity Scarf

Fall magazines are filled with models in scarves and sweaters and it always breaks my heart a bit – I love ‘fall clothing,’ but fall is our warmest and sunniest season. Fall in Oakland means tank tops, not pumpkin spice.

At long last, our heat waves are over and the temps finally allow me to wear fall clothing!

As I mentioned, at home that means fuzzy pants, but one cannot live in fuzzy Grinch pants alone (I know, I’ve tried). I do occasionally need to look presentable – which means scarves on top of everything.

My favorite at the moment is a jersey knit infinity scarf from American Apparel (which has since gone bankrupt).

It’s warm, cozy & stylish. Three words I hope to apply to all of my fall clothing.

While the American Apparel version is no longer an option, there are so many other options that are (hopefully) as amazing.

Jane Eyre

One of my favorite books is Jane Eyre. I don’t know why I first read it – I generally don’t read ‘the classics’ – I have an automatic gut reaction to things that I’m ‘supposed to like.’ My inner contrarian comes out and I automatically look for reasons to hate it.

But Jane Eyre I loved, both the book and the BBC mini-series from 2006.

I first saw the BBC version years ago and recently re-watched it and was reminded why I loved it so much, although having watched Luther in the meantime has changed the way I view the actress who plays Jane in the series – I now equate her with a psychopathic killer, not one of Jane’s usual character traits.

Sadly, I’d recommend passing on the movie version from a few years ago starting Michael Fassbender. I had high hopes, but I found it disappointing.

Stick with the book and the BBC version.

I can even combine my favorites this week – Uncommon Goods sells a Jane Eyre Infinity Scarf.

How cute is that?

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