Things I Love 4.21

Things I Love 4 21

The things I love for April 21. The podcasts, articles, shows, gear, and other stuff that is making me happy and making me smile.

The podcasts, articles, shows, gear, and other stuff that is making me happy and making me smile.

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Things I Love

Level Up Your Life

Level Up Your Life is written Steve Kamb, the founder a Nerd Fitness; a website for people who are new to fitness and love video games and sci-fi. The idea of the site, and of the book, is to use elements of gaming to make fitness more accessible, fun and interesting.

Nerd Fitness gamifies fitness. You ‘level up’ with time and experience in the same way you increase levels and abilities in video games and Dungeons and Dragons.

I’m not a huge gamer, but many of the ideas in the book still resonated with me, especially his ideas about being OK where you are and not tackling huge challenges until you are ready to do so.

You don’t challenge a Level 10 Orc in your first battle (I only have a vague idea what that means, but even I get the gist of it) and you don’t plan on losing 20 pounds and winning your first race on day 1.

You can set your sites on that big goal for the future (near or long-term), but you need to start with the skills you have today and work to improve them over time.

I don’t need to be a huge gamer to appreciate that.

Sigur Ros

Sigur Ros is my favorite band. They are an Icelandic band that I’ve heard called post-rock, but I think that trying to name music genres in this day and age is pretty irrelevant. They are the reason I went on my Highway 395 road trip last fall that I wrote about for this very site.

They are my go to background music for writing or editing, it has vocals, but since it’s not in English, I don’t get distracted.

Late last year they made a series of videos called Route One- the Ring Road in Iceland that circles the island. The series of videos is nearly 24 hours long and is real-time video of driving the road. Even I’m not die-hard enough to watch it all, although what I’ve seen is pretty and hypnotic.

A more accessible version is the 5-minute time lapse version of Route One.

Payday Bars

I don’t eat many candy bars. A full-size bar is more than I want, and snack size bars only come in big bags. The last thing I need is a bag of snack size candy bars in my house.

Every month or so, I volunteer to work at an aid station one of the races put on by a local trail running company, Brazen Racing. I think volunteering for races is good runner karma, plus you get a shirt and free entry into another Brazen Race. While at the aid station, you also get free range of the goodies on the aid table. Which can be dangerous. Oreos, jelly beans, potato chips, m & ms, coke, fruit.

And Payday Bars.

Payday bars are a nougat center covered in caramel, rolled in peanuts. Outside of volunteering at a trail race, I don’t think I’ve ever had a Payday Bar. While volunteering? I can’t get enough.

They are basically the same thing as Pearson’s Salted Nut Rolls I grew up with, but I guess Salted Nut Rolls are more of a midwestern thing.

White Noise Apps

I am a shockingly light sleeper. I neighbor four doors down sneezes and I’ll wake up. I often have trouble sleeping whenever there is any kind of noise that I found distracting, no matter how minor or how normal.

Then I started using a white noise app to fall asleep to.

My favorite white noise app is Sleep Machine . My go-to sleep combo is a combo of night noises (crickets and a distant train), brown noise (which I find more soothing than true white noise), and a rainstorm.

I have also used Noisli app for focusing while writing. It has few options than Sleep Machine, but that can sometimes be a good thing.

Check one out next time you need to drown out annoying or distracting background noise.


Things I Love 4 21


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