The Things I Love 9.22

things I love

A random assortment of things I love this week, including a first: something I bought that made someone else happy. I figure that is close enough to include here, right?

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The Things I Love This Week

things I love

Sabre Pepper Spray

This is the thing that isn’t making me happy, but it’s making my dad happy, so close enough.

For reasons I’ll never understand, my dad thought it was a good idea to read a murder mystery about a serial killer who murders trail runners (PJ Tracy’s Nothing Stays Buried).

This made him even more concerned about my safety while running than he already was.

To make him feel better, I got a little can of pepper spray to carry with me when I run on the trails. There is even an adjustable strap on the container that easily attaches the canister to my hydration pack.

I wish it wasn’t pink, but what are you gonna do?

I’m more concerned about running into critters on the trail than serial killers, but either way, it can’t hurt to be prepared.

Can you use pepper spray on snakes?

Red Cross

My Red Cross First Aid/CPR certification expires next month, so I needed to spend some quality time with the good folks at the Red Cross so I can be recertified.

A few things are making happy here:

  1. Going online to register at their website was a good reminder of the all the good work the Red Cross does. They had buttons all over the place to donate or receive assistance from the latest string of hurricanes and earthquakes.
  2. I had technical problems signing up for my class online (which was not making me happy), so I had to call in to register. Susan, the lady I talked to on the phone, was the single nicest call-center person I’ve ever come into contact with. What a delightful (and unexpected) change of pace from other call-tree systems and customer service nightmares.

Thanks Susan for renewing my faith in humanity!

If you haven’t taken a First Aid/CPR class, you really should.

It’s a skill set I never hope to use, but I feel so much better learning it. Check out Red Cross’ hybrid class if you are short on time. Instead of taking a 4-ish hour class where you learn everything, you can now take first aid as a 2-ish hour online course, and a 1-hour in-person skills session.

It’s pretty painless.

Donate to the Red Cross for hurricane and earthquake relief

Take a Red Cross First Aid/CPR course

Clinique Pop Oil

I’ve mentioned before that I try to wear (at a minimum) some basic lip color to minimize the number of times that I am called ‘sir.’ 

I recently discovered something new – Clinique Pop Oil Lip and Cheek Glow.

It manages to be both a vivid and sheer color (at the same time), and very important for me, it feels super soft when you put it on.

I’ve tried it on my cheeks as well, but since I’m not terribly skilled at blending colors, I’ll stick to using it on my lips.

No blending required there.

The Five

The Five is UK limited-series (10 episodes) created by crime author Harlan Coben.

I’ve read many of Coben’s books over the years and have liked them. They are perfect airplane books – well-structured page-turners with a few unexpected plot twists along the way.

I hadn’t heard of this show, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was a random Netflix discovery while on the hunt for something new. I was in the mood for a good mystery, but also wanted something that wasn’t going to be too graphic or nasty.

Coben’s name caught my eye, and being familiar with his books and his storytelling, I had a hunch it might fit the bill.

As it turns out, it perfectly fit the bill and I was quickly hooked.

The Five is about four lifelong friends that have to untangle the mystery about why the DNA of kid they thought had been kidnapped and killed 20 years before was found at a crime scene.

Bingable TV at its best

The Five is streaming on Netflix.

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