The Things I Love: 11/17

things I love 11 17

I don’t know about you, but at the halfway point of the month, I’ve found November to be super productive – likely because I’ve finally realized I only have 90(ish) days to make all my 2017 goals happen!

I hope your month has been as productive.

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The Things I Love This Week

things I love 11 17

Peppermint Mocha & Peppermint Chocolate Anything

The holiday displays are well and truly up. Heck, this year most places had them up before Halloween.

I don’t do much for the holidays when it comes to shopping and gift-giving. I’m trying to clean excess stuff out of my life, and I’m encouraging others to do the same. Christmas is much more enjoyable when the stresses of gift giving are removed.

Rant over (that said, if anyone wants to buy me stuff I don’t need, I’ll put my principles aside and accept any gifts you wish to send 🙂 )

But one part of the Christmas displays I do partake in (and love) is the return of all things peppermint/chocolate!

Every coffee shop has their version of the peppermint mocha, I like them all.

Dove, Hersey’s, M&Ms, Ghiradelli all have some sort of chocolate-mint or chocolate-peppermint holiday special.

I’ll take one of each, please.

Steelgrip Pliers

Ok, not the pliers themselves (although they are pretty awesome), but what they represent.

I am a homeowner. However, I am also a homeowner with very few home repair skills.

So when I woke up last week to discover the trap in my bathroom sink had a hole in it (I may not know much about plumbing, but I do know there isn’t supposed to be a hole in the side of the pipe), I was determined to fix it myself. After all, it looked pretty straightforward.

Luckily, I live within walking distance to a hardware store staffed with absurdly helpful employees, so with their help (and a pep talk from more than one employee), I fixed it… I think.

I haven’t yet reassembled my bathroom. I’m also keeping a bucket under the sink (and a handyman on standby) for the time being.

Just in case.

I’m clearly not 100% confident my fix will withstand any amount of use, but I’m proud of myself for even trying to fix it.

Home repair skills have to start somewhere!

The Compound Effect

I saw the author of the book The Compound Effect, Darren Hardy, give a keynote address at the IDEAfest fitness conference this summer.

I totally drank the kool-aid.

Actually, I didn’t really have to – I largely already believed most of the stuff he discusses in the book, he just puts it all together and connects the dots in a new way.

The theory of the book is that your habits are like compound interest at the bank. Little habits are minor and are almost imperceptible at first (much like interest when you have only a few dollars in the bank), but over time, those minor habits build up, grow, and make a major difference (like compound interest over 20 years).

If you choose good habits, the long-term impact is great even though the daily cost is minimal. However, if you choose bad habits, the impact is terrible.

I took so many notes from this book, it’s a little embarrassing.

Call Me Francis (aka Llámame Francisco)

A mini-series about Pope Francis? Not something I would have ever expected to watch, let alone enjoy.

I won’t try to guess why Netflix suggested I’d like this show, but sometimes I don’t fight the algorithm and I go with shows they suggest, if it catches my eye.

It did have a few things going for it:

  • It’s based in Buenos Aries, a place I loved when I was there a few years ago, and
  • I’m always looking for ways (and reasons) to practice my Spanish

I was very pleasantly surprised!

It focuses on the early days of the man who became Francis and his role as a priest during the political and military dictatorships of the 1970s, how he balanced his faith and working within the political regime (known for killing and disappearing anyone who didn’t agree with them).

And thankfully, the show was in a more normal form of Spanish, not Argentinian Spanish, which I find utterly incomprehensible.

Fair warning: the English subtitles for the trailer on YouTube are terrible. Netflix’s subtitles on the actual show are much better.

Call Me Francis is streaming on Netflix.


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