The Things I Love: 11/3

Things I Love 11 3

Can someone explain to me how we are already into November!? I was very startled to find Santa sharing shelf space with jack-o-lanterns.

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The Things I Love This Week

Things I Love 11 3

Candy Corn Trail Mix

I’ve written before about my love of Payday candy bars (a love limited to when I’m volunteering at trail race aid stations, but a love nonetheless).

While on Pinterest, I stumbled across a seasonal trail mix made up of candy corn and dry roasted peanuts, which everyone said tasted exactly like Payday bars.

I know candy corn is polarizing. I want to like it but it’s just too sweet (for me, ’too sweet’ is saying something). But mixed with something salty to cut the sweet? That I have to try – especially since both items just happened to be on sale at Target.

O!M!G! Best junk food mash-up since I discovered slathering peanut butter on Oreos.

candy corn trail mix

It’s simple: mix 1 jar of salted dry roasted peanuts and a bag of candy corn and try not to eat it all in one sitting.


Ok, the fact that YouTube is amazing is not news. But I’m loving YouTube for a few unexpected reasons this week.

I Did My First Video!

Starting a YouTube channel has been on my to-do list all year. It’s a different way to communicate and creates new opportunities to reach a different audience.

But I’ll confess that I’m intimidated by the idea. I’m not quite sure where to start or how to incorporate it (if at all) with my regular posts. (BTW-It’s not lost on me that is exactly how I felt about blogging before I eventually just said ‘[email protected]#* it’, and started).

So I took the approach of so many TV shows and did a back-door pilot (when new characters are introduced on an existing show to test an audience’s reaction to determine if there is interest in a stand-alone show) and did an interview with an existing channel.

Specifically, I did a video about running for beginners with a fitness and nutrition video blogger I met at Blogfest this summer – GoJenBeFit!

The interview video will be posted on Monday. I’ll put a link here when it goes live.

Check it out!

Update: Check out Jen’s blog post featuring me!!!

How to Start Running | Beginner’s Edition |Sara Kurth & Gojenbefit

But remember, it’s my first time on video and my first interview, so don’t judge me too harshly.

Facing a Fear

If I’m honest, another reason I’ve stalled on creating a YouTube channel is the idea of being on video terrifies me. I don’t like how I look on camera, and I don’t like how I sound on video. There is no scenario where I don’t end up making a fool of myself.

I think of myself as a writer. I plan my posts, and they get better after each round of edits. Me and ‘impromtu’ aren’t the best of friends. Can you tell on Jen’s video that I got the questions in advance so I could think through my answers? (Hopefully, it wasn’t too obvious. )

And yet… it’s an idea I can’t get out of my head.

A few weeks ago in my newsletter, I wrote about an idea I’ve come across in several places recently: Do the thing that scares you most.

So I took my own advice. I did the thing that totally terrifies me.

I lived to tell the tale and I don’t think I made a total fool of myself.

It’s hard to be a beginner. Just as I’m starting to feel moderately competent with blogging, I’m endeavoring to start something from square one. Video is a whole new skill set, and it’s one that scares the living daylights out of me.

But you practice, you learn, and you get better.

But to get better, you have to take the first step. Which I did.

So yeah me!

Can my own YouTube channel be far behind?


I am a lifelong learner and am always talking classes on… well… everything.

I’ve already mentioned my love of Lynda courses have been a godsend on all topics technical as I’ve worked on this blog. Not a day goes by that I don’t use a skill I learned on Lynda. But one area where their video library is lacking is creative skills.

I have a volunteer role at an animal rescue, taking care of cats waiting for their forever homes. The cats each have little chalkboards where we write their names. I decided I needed to up my lettering game (we’ve found they get adopted quicker with eye-catching name signs) so I took a few courses with Skillshare.

Apropos of nothing – I won’t pass up the chance to post some of my favorite cat pictures

A few videos later and my lettering skills are improving.

As is often the case, after watching one video, I came across three more I want to take, so I’ve had to add Skillshare into my weekly rotation for learning.

Lynda for tech, Skillshare for creative: I think I’ve found my educational equation.


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