The Things I Love: Best Of 2017

Things I Love 2017

With 2017 coming to a close, I thought I’d use my last Things I Love post to pick my favorites of the year.

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Look for a re-branded Things I Love coming in 2018!

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Thing I Love: The Best Of 2017

Things I Love 2017

Forever Learning: Lynda & Skillshare

Maturing this blog, publishing my newsletter, and developing a few new surprises for 2018 has meant constantly learning all sorts of new skills, tools, and software programs.

Every time I get a new idea and I find out how many things I have to know to make it happen, Lynda is there with videos to walk me through it step by step.

Not a day goes by that I don’t use a skill I learned on Lynda.

Skillshare has been a new addition to my learning options and balances out the professional skills from Lynda with more creative options like drawing, hand-lettering, and watercolor painting.

It can’t all be hard work.

Clothing I Don’t Tire Of: Ryp Wear And North Face

The two pieces of clothing I get more comments on than any others.

RYP Wear is a small company out of Cool, California (home of the Cool Lutheran Church, which still makes me laugh). They make the best running skirts I’ve ever worn.

Bear Creek
Any excuse to publish my one good race photo- wearing my yellow RYP Wear skirt.

My constant running gear challenge is bottoms. They so often rub me raw, ride up, or have other issues. So when I find something I like, I stick with it.

My Ryp Wear skirt (I prefer the touring version – it’s a bit longer) has undershorts long enough to prevent riding up, and it has pockets for easy-access to kleenex and lip balm.

Not to mention it’s adorable and elicits many comments every time I wear it.

Post-run, there’s nothing better than my fuzzy North Face Jacket. It is the perfect 1-2 punch of warm and fuzzy, and it makes me feel like a muppet (that’s a good thing).

This is the single most commented on piece of clothing I own.

North Face Fleece Jacket
I have it in green too.

Games and Apps I Don’t Tire Of

I love quick little puzzle game apps.

For the most part with these types of games, I’ll play it a ton when I first get it and then I’ll never open it again.

There are a few exceptions though – games I’ve played consistently for most of the year (all tucked away on my phone in a folder appropriately called ‘time wasters’)

  • Bonza (crossword puzzles meets real puzzles)
  • 1010 (Tetris without the falling)
  • 2 for 2 (basically 2048, but better in my opinion)

Re-Watchable Movies And TV

Between Netflix and Amazon, I have thousands (if not more) of TV and movie options at my fingertips, and yet I find myself heading back to the same few options over and over.

Things I know I like, as comfortable and as enjoyable as the fuzzy pants I’m likely wearing when I’m watching.

In 2017, I had four go-tos: The Taika Waititi double feature What We Do In The Shadows and Boy, the Australian TV show Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, and the UK crime show Hinterland.

I probably could have made it through the whole year with only those four shows on repeat. A little comedy, a little crime, a little romance, and a whole lotta quirky.

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