Things I Love 3.24

Things I love

These are the things I love for March 24.

The podcasts, articles, shows, gear, and other stuff that is making me happy and making me smile. Read my previous Things I Love posts.

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The Things I Love

Ryp Wear Running Skirt

We’ve had a very Spring-like week here, so I was able to break out my running skirts for the season. I love the idea of running skirts but struggled for a long time to find one that works for me. Too often the under shorts of running skirts are way to short for people like me who have these things called thighs. I found Ryp Wear (short for Reach Your Potential) at the finish line of a trail marathon in the Bay Area.

Sweaty and dirty post trail-marathon isn’t the ideal time for clothing try-ons, but they were too cute to not try out.

Ryp Wear was just what I didn’t know I needed. It is a company owned by a lady who lives out near Cool, CA. Cool is home of many trail marathons I’ve done over the years and also the location of the ‘Cool Lutheran Church’ which make the Lutheran in me giggle a little bit every time I drive by it.

Now I have a few of their touring skirts. The under shorts are a bit longer and I haven’t had any issues with them riding up. Added bonus that the under shorts have pockets for a lip balm and kleenex.

I can also personally attest to how easily bloodstains come out.

Skyline to the Sea Marathon
No one will notice the blood stains, right?

Casefile Podcast

I have a guilty-pleasure love of true crime. I loved tawdry true-crime books growing up, and I’ve watched more episodes of the Forensic Files and shows on Discovery ID than I should probably ever admit to.

Casefile is an Australian true crime podcast. I love that this show covers many international cases that I’ve never heard of before. So many US-based shows cover the same ground.

I’ve been listening to this show for almost a year and just recently realized I have no idea who the host is. The provider on iTunes is specifically listed as anonymous and their website lists the host as the same

Odd, but it does add a layer of mystery to the show.

Gu Stroopwaffles and Honey Stinger Waffles

I think these are designed for fueling, but since my tummy doesn’t always love real food mid-run, I can make no claims for their efficacy for mid-run fueling.

However, I can vouch for how yummy these are as a post run snack with a cup of coffee. Especially if it was a cold and rainy run and a cup of coffee is high on the list of post-run activities.

I’ve had both the GU and Honey Stinger waffles and loved them both.

Nike Training Club app

If you’ve been following along with my Oakland Marathon Training recaps, you’ve already heard me sing the praises of the Nike Training Club (NTC) App.

The NTC app has dozens of free workouts, ranging from 6 to 45 minutes, in every combination of skill and intensity level. Some are body-weight only and can easily be done at home, some require basic gear you likely already have (dumbbells and a yoga mat) and some need gym-equipment.

Whatever your situation, there is a workout for you.

My favorite feature is the ability to set up 4-6 week workout programs. I am most effective working out when I don’t have to think too much about it. Having a 6-week program all laid out for me makes it much more likely I will do the workouts. Especially when there will be big red ‘!’ on any days I skip. I also opt-in to the weekly recap notifications that will shame me if I skip a workout.

Even though I’m only shaming myself, it does keep me motivated.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

I usually don’t like single-purpose kitchen gadgets. They take up space and aren’t terribly useful.

That said, I love my breakfast sandwich maker. It does only one thing – it makes Egg McMuffin-type breakfast sandwiches.

I bought mine on impulse a few years ago at an after-Christmas sale. I do love it.

An English muffin, an egg, some cheese, and a few slices of pre-made bacon (which I alway have in the freezer) and I have a perfect sandwich in 4 minutes flat.

My only complaint- why doesn’t it have a timer built in anywhere? Seems like an odd oversight.



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