Things I Love 6.16

Things I Love 6 16

Welcome to the things I love for June 16. The apps, gear, and other stuff that is making me happy and making me smile.

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The Things I Love

The featured photo this week is one big thing I’m loving this week- with the nice summer weather, I’ve been taking my picnic blanket to the nearby lake so I can enjoy the weather while I write these very posts.


I gave the Aeropress a shout out a few weeks ago, is it too soon to give another coffee recommendation?


Cold brew coffee is all the rage this summer at Starbucks and Peets, but it is so easy to make, why buy it? There are lots of tools and techniques out there, but I’m a fan of the old school Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker.

Put in a bag of coffee, pour in water, and let the whole thing sit overnight.

The next morning you have a coffee concentrate that is ready to be mixed with water or milk, for cold brew deliciousness.

Only slightly related- I’ve seen many articles on how to make cold brew coffee at home. Any number of them start out with ‘pour boiling water over coffee grounds.’ Boiling water kinda takes the ‘cold’ part out of cold brew as far as I can tell, but what do I know?


The last thing runners need is another app to track and show off runs on social media, but that won’t stop me from trying them all. is an app that combines the data from either your Garmin or Strava account with satellite maps to create a cool little video of your run. A bonus feature that I haven’t used yet is that if you took pictures on the run, Relive will add those photos into your video.

I predict I’ll tire of this pretty quickly, but for now, it’s still making me chuckle.

Here is the video from the half marathon I paced a few weeks ago: the See Jane Run Half in Alameda

I can’t wait to try it with some of my crazier trail runs where 1) I’m not really sure where exactly I was on the map and 2) I want to brag about the insane elevation gains in some of my runs.

Kon Mari

I’m a few years behind in the Kon Mari craze and I still haven’t read her first book (The Life-Changing Art Of Tiding Up), but I have read her second Spark Joy.

Her idea is to drastically cut down on your possessions and increase the joy in your life by going through everything you own, holding it close to your heart, and if it doesn’t spark joy in your soul, get rid of it.

While I haven’t followed her advice entirely, it has kicked off a bit of clean out around the house and has encouraged me to get rid of a bunch of stuff I don’t really like or use.

For some reason, her process worked especially well with my t-shirts.

Getting rid of excess stuff can only be a good thing, right?

Sonic Boom Alarm

I’ve mentioned before that I am a really light sleeper, so this may seem like an odd recommendation since the Sonic Boom is designed for heavy sleepers and the hard of hearing.

Why would I, a super light sleeper, use and love a super loud alarm clock?

Because of one particular feature: the bed vibrating feature.

Here’s why I love it: I often am kept awake (or woken up early) by some noise. Dogs barking, neighbors on the patio having a midnight beer, or just today, early morning news helicopters scoping out the NBA Warriors victory parade route.

If I don’t need to wake up to an alarm it’s no problem, I put in ear plugs and fall asleep.

But if I need to wake up to an alarm, I get nervous about ear plugs. What if I don’t hear my alarm?

I first used a vibrating alarm on a jawbone step tracker. It changed my life (seriously).

But they no longer make the jawbone, and I’m yet to find a Fitbit tracker that doesn’t die in less than a year, so I’ve given up replacing them.

My hunt for an alternative led me to the Sonic Boom, which has a little disc you put under your mattress that vibrates the bed (the vibration can be used instead of, or in addition to, the regular alarm). Problem solved!

And for the heavy sleepers in the crowd? I can confirm the alarm is really loud.


Things I Love 6 16

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