The Things I Love 6.30

Things I Love 6 30

The things I love for June 30. The podcasts, articles, shows, gear, and other stuff (this week, mostly TV and Netflix!) that is making me happy and making me smile.

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The Things I Love This Week

I live in Oakland, California, and this week’s featured photo is the most Oakland photo I have ever taken!

It was at the NBA championship parade for the Golden State Warriors. A cowboy (not mounted police, just a dude on a horse), a Homeland Security rapid response team (they were out in force) and a fire-spewing mobile art piece straight out of Burning Man.

Yup. Welcome to Oakland.

In the Victorian era, everyone carried calling cards – cards with a person’s name they could leave behind when they visit someone.

Today we have business cards, but what if you meet someone in a social situation?

I’ve had mini cards for years- half size ‘business cards’ with my name, email and social media accounts. I have my info on one side and I’ve uploaded my travel photos on the other. mini-cards
My mini-cards

I hand them out liberally and have gotten many comments on them over the years.

Moo is again on my mind since I just ordered my first batch of legit business cards for myself as a blogger from them in preparation for my very first blogging conference next month.

Order business cards for your side hustle, or just personal cards for whatever. You never know when you might need them.

And On To The TV Extravaganza…

Almighty Johnsons 

This is a show where kind of just have to accept the premise and get on with it.

Norse gods have been reborn and are living in New Zealand. They won’t get their full god powers back until Odin, whose current form is the youngest Johnson brother, finds his Frig.

I know, that old plotline?

More slightly askew kiwi humor (you have watched my previous recommendation – What We Do In The Shadows– right? the humor here is in a very similar vein).

All three seasons of The Almighty Johnsons can be found on Netflix.


A BBC police drama based on the mystery novels of Ann Cleeves.

I’m a sucker for a good British cop drama, but what puts this one over the top is the setting. It is (unsurprisingly) set in the Shetland Islands of Scotland, which is very near the top of my ‘to travel to list.’

My biggest takeaway from this show is a very strong desire to book a trip to Scotland immediately.

Shetland is streaming on Netflix.

Great British Bakeoff (or in the US: The Great British Baking Show)

The world doesn’t really need another baking competition show, and yet…

I like the British Baking Show because it is so different than the US competition shows out there.

While it has 12 bakers competing to be named top baker (like every show ever), unlike US shows (that would feature backstabbing and badmouthing), this show has contestants supporting and helping each other.

You know, being nice. Remember that?

It also always leaves me wanting a piece of cake.

The latest season just started on PBS (check your listings).

Prior seasons and the ‘Master Class’ episodes feature the judges offering their interpretations of challenges, are available on Netflix.

Fair Warning:

Watching Shetland, Almighty Johnsons, and The Great British Baking Show in quick succession makes for some serious accent action.

It can be a little jarring to the ears.

But well worth it.

Things I Love 6 30


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