2018: My Year In Blogging

Year In Blogging

My final 2018 recap post (see my previous posts on my 2018 Year In Running and My Year In Video)

This time – my year in blogging!

Year In Blogging

My Favorite Posts

Mindfulness And The Endurance Athlete Recap

‘Mindfulness And The Endurance Athlete’ was an event at GU Headquarters I attended in January. I hadn’t really planned on going. I hadn’t planned on taking notes. Doing a recap for the blog was the last thing on my mind.

It was such a great presentation that I ended up doing all three and not a week has gone by since that I haven’t thought of something that was discussed at this seminar.

‘Mindfulness’ is all the rage and is a term that is often thrown around, but with little more specifics than ‘to be mindful.’ After this seminar, I had several little mantras I could actually incorporate into my running that have proven useful.

Minfulness and the endurance athlete

Oakland Marathon Training Recaps (weeks 14 & 15)

When I’m training for a big event, I post weekly training recaps.

I do these recaps mostly as a way to keep myself honest while training (I just can’t bring myself to write ‘I didn’t run because I didn’t feel like it’, even if no one reads the recap but me).

In 2018, the Oakland Marathon, less than a month before race day, after we’d all been training for nearly 4 months, drastically changed the course. It went from a hilly, but scenic tour of Oakland neighborhoods to a flat, desolate, and boring multi-loop course of Oakland’s industrial districts.

Needless to say, I was not happy and I had thoughts and I was able to use the blog as a way to (more productively) process my thoughts about the changes.

It was one of the more specific examples I’ve had of the power and benefits of writing.

oakland marathon training recap week 14

Oakland marathon recap 15

All Runners Are Equally Worthy Of Applause

Like my Oakland training recap posts, this was an example of using my writing and my blog to process my thoughts. In this case, an obnoxious article I came across that chastised ‘slow runners’ for ‘ruining’ the marathon.

For this post, I put on my inspirational speaker hat and ranted a bit. Making clear my opinion that all marathon runners are equally valid and important, some just take longer to cross the finish line.

I got many nice comments on social media and a few resounding ‘Amens!’ which is always nice to hear.

All marathon finishers are equal

Thoughts On The 20th Anniversary Of My First Marathon

A self-explanatory title. I ran my first marathon in 1998, so hitting the 20th anniversary of that race left me feeling a little nostalgic.

This post was my thinking back at how much running, and me as a runner, have changed in the last 20 years.

2 female runners

Every Story Is Worthy

Another chance for me to put on my inspirational speaker hat.

Often, the people I admire and look up to (in various fields) aren’t the elites, or the best of the best. I may be amazed by those people, but their realities vary too much from anything I recognize as my reality.

What I do do, is look to the people who are just one or two steps above me with their accomplishments. I can see myself in them and can look to them for cues on what to do.

The same is true for so many runners. They may think of themselves as ‘only’ a 12:00 mile runner or ‘only’ able to do a 5k, but that may be just the inspiration that a person who has never run needs to get out the door to run.

Runner running by a lake

Stages of Running A Marathon

I did a whole series this year on the stages of the marathon, going from training through the finish line. I really like the whole series.

7 Stages Of Marathon Training

Stages Of Marathon Training
4 Stages Of Marathon Week

stages of marathon week
6 Stages Of Marathon Morning

Stages Of Marathon Morning
8 Stages Of Running The Marathon

Stages Of Running A Marathon

Most Popular Posts Of The Year

I continue to be a little baffled by the posts that are popular. Not because I think they are bad posts or anything, but I just can’t figure out the alchemy of it.

Why did these posts find an audience? I’ve talked to other bloggers and they’ve found the same thing – you never know what will hit, and you can never seem to replicate it.

Can I Run A Marathon

This was a late entry on the most popular list.

It is a list of things that, if you want to run a marathon solely for these reasons, you should reconsider.

This post also got my most baffling blog comment of the year – a lady responded to my suggestion that you should reconsider running a marathon if your primary reason to do so to lose weight with the comment that I am ‘irritating’ and ‘elitist’

I’m willing to admit I could be wrong, I’m not sure I see where ‘elitist’ came from.

Signs A Marathon May Not Be For You

Running A Marathon v. Training For A Marathon

When writing blog posts, I’d noticed that I often use the phrases ‘running a marathon’ and ‘training for a marathon’ interchangeably, when they are far from the same things.

Training for a marathon is 18+ weeks of training runs. Many (if not all or most) on your own.

The marathon itself is the cherry on top – the final victory lap to celebrate being done with training.

Training For a marathon running a marathon

What Not To Do After A Long Run

It’s always good when I can use my lessons learned (my faux-subtitle for this post was ‘Things Sara has done after a long run and later come to regret’) to help others.

Dont Do After A Long Run

6 Things Runners Should Never Do

This was a post from last year that continues to do really well.

Things Runners Should Never Do

Long Run Mistakes

It’s not lost on me that many of my top posts are phrased in the negative. ‘Mistakes of’ or ‘Don’t Dos’ or ‘What To Never Do.’

For several posts, I’ve tested the same posts with a positive spin, and the more negatively title version always seems to do better. Long Run Mistakes

Sara is a runner, running coach, writer, blogger, and a lover of all things written.

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