American River 50 Training Recap: Week 4

american river 50

The question I pondered this weekend –

Can a Saturday be considered a ‘lazy Saturday’ if ends in me running 10 miles?

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American River 50 Training Goals

  • Strength train two times a week
  • Yoga once a week
  • Mobility work/ foam rolling nearly every day. I won’t commit to everyday, but more often than not
  • Research 1 area of 50 miler
  • 1 run with significant elevation gain a week
  • 2 trail runs a week

The Plan v. Reality

PlanYoga5 miles
8 miles6 miles
rest10 miles20 miles
ActualStretching6.5 miles
8 miles7 milesrest10.5 miles
21.6 miles

Area of Focus This Week

Hydration – Is water enough?

The Week That Was

american river 50


I didn’t think I was that tired, but when I woke up this morning, I realized I hadn’t moved at all during the night.

I was super stiff- not because of the 60+ miles I ran last week (that, my body was apparently totally fine with), but because I hadn’t moved in 8ish hours.

My everyday stretching hasn’t been very consistent lately, but today was the perfect morning to break out my daily stretching routine, get the muscles moving and the blood flowing.

I know that ‘yoga’ and ‘stretching’ are not the same thing, but for my purposes today, they are close enough.


Last week, I felt so great the day I ran around lunchtime, I thought I’d try that approach again, getting work done first thing, and heading out for a run later in the morning.

Today was not nearly as successful.

Physically, I felt fine, but mentally? Not so much – I had zero patience and just wanted it to be done. I was annoyed that the wind was so loud I couldn’t hear my podcasts (I know, first world problem), annoyed by the moms pushing their strollers two-across on the sidewalk so I couldn’t pass, annoyed that I kept hitting yellow stoplights, preventing me from getting into the running flow.

I’ll have to keep experimenting since I now have two entirely conflicting data points, but regardless of how my runs felt, I was more productive in getting work done when I worked first and ran later, so that can’t be overlooked.

Strength work was done. I’ll admit I didn’t give 100%, but it’s done.


I know it’s important to change up my running routes regularly so I don’t get in a running rut, but this morning was rainy. I knew it would be a head-down just get it done kinda run, so I did my go-to route to Jack London Square.

It wasn’t too bad, although right near the square it got super windy in a few places. I learned that and even the lightest drizzle pushed by high winds can be tough to run in.

I at least timed my run well, it started to rain a little harder just as I got home.


I didn’t do my strength work today. Not because I didn’t want to or anything, I just forgot.

I did my run (another go-to route due to continued less than stellar weather conditions), got home, hopped in the shower because I was chilled with the drizzle, totally forgetting It was strength day.



I know I should be embarrassed or ashamed by this, but I’m not: I didn’t do a single thing today. I didn’t run, I didn’t walk (intentional fitness walking, I still walked place to place), no strength work, no foam rolling.

It was just one of those days when it just wasn’t mentally gonna happen. This isn’t something I’d normally give into, but I’ve learned (for me) what is run of the mill I don’t wanna (and I make myself do it anyway) and when I should just not even bother.

Today was a ‘don’t even bother’ kinda day.


Can I say I had a lazy morning if it ended with me running 10 miles?

I slept in a little when I woke up to the sound of rain. I then stalled the start of my run a bit hoping for a break in the weather, which eventually came.

The running club long run is on Sunday this week (it is a preview run on the Oakland Marathon course and is easier to navigate on Sundays). I am taking the opportunity to do back-to-back-to-back runs. Most 50-mile training plans I checked out had peak mileage doing a 50k race (31 miles) on Saturday and 10-15 miles on Sunday. Because of the calendar and my already made commitment to pace with the running club, this wasn’t going to work for me. So both this weekend and Oakland marathon weekend I’m doing Saturday, Sunday, Monday long/longish runs to get my legs used to running on tired legs.

It’s not exactly the same, but it still gets me 40ish miles in a weekend (if ‘weekend’ is loosely defined) so it will have to be close enough.

So: today 10 miles, tomorrow 21, Monday 13(ish).

After my run I did the strength work I forgot to do Thursday.


Today was the running club group run on the Oakland Marathon course.

I want to love this course, but I just don’t.

There are endless turns – especially downtown (and today, since we had to obey stoplights, it made for constant stopping and starting), it goes through mostly non-descript warehouse districts and lots of non-pedestrian friendly areas (there are sidewalks, but the broken glass and trash dumping make it hard to navigate).

In short, it shows the worst parts of Oakland and none of the neighborhoods that make it an amazing place to live.

However, I felt great, my group did great, and the weather (mostly) held out. So that’s something.

Week Overall

  • I feel like this week was very meh. My runs were done (and I physically felt great doing them), but I definitely feel like they (and I) didn’t have any real spark.
  • I did my Monday stretching (close enough to yoga for me), 2 strength routines (eventually), and foam rolling 5 of 7 days. Yeah!
  • Depending on your definition of ‘trail’ I did either zero or 1 trail runs. This is largely due to the weather. Night trail runs don’t happen in the rain, and I just haven’t been feeling a mudfest. I’m still on the fence about my course tomorrow. I’d love to do a trail, but mud. So much (too much!?) mud.
  • No runs with ‘significant elevation’ gains this week, but there were some moderate hills in the mix, so it wasn’t a total goal fail.
  • I tried the Nuun Performance drink (with electrolytes and carbs) this week in my attempt to expand my hydration options. I didn’t feel any better and I didn’t feel any worse. My testing will continue.

Next Week


Plan10 milesYoga9 miles7 miles
rest15 miles15 miles
Actual14 milesrest9 miles7 miles
rest25 miles (15 with the club, 10 solo)14 miles

Area of Focus

Mindset. I feel like I lost some mental mojo this week.

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