American River 50 Training Recap: Week 7

american river 50 training recap week 7

It’s Oakland Marathon week!

What was (3 months ago) my end training goal is now just a training run en route to the bigger goal that appeared, out of nowhere, 2 months ago.

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American River 50 Mile  Training Goals

  • Strength train two times a week
  • Yoga once a week
  • Mobility work/ foam rolling nearly every day. I won’t commit to every day, but more often than not
  • Research 1 area of 50 miler
  • 1 run with significant elevation gain a week
  • 2 trail runs a week

The Plan v. Reality

PlanYoga5 miles
7 miles6 miles
rest8 miles26.2 miles
Actualyoga5 miles
7 miles6 milesrest5+ miles walking26.2

Area of Focus This Week

Food. Specifically fueling better day-to-day

The Week That Was


american river 50 training recap week 7

How am I consistently feeling pretty good after my crazy long mileage weekends? And how can I manage to feel bad about not feeling bad?

I did the Nike Training Club (NTC) ‘Essential Restorative Yoga’ video this morning, just to get my muscles moving.


5 miles? This morning’s run felt so gloriously short. Post-run I did my strength work.

This is marathon week for the Oakland Marathon. I am pacing the race and many of the trainees I’ve been running with during the running club group runs will be heading out for their first marathons.

I’m not doing a true taper since for me the race is just another training run, but I am going to make sure I don’t overdo it this week. I take pacing responsibilities very seriously and I want to make sure I have enough oomph for the race.


After a week of sunny days, I woke up to rain.

Not to be dissuaded, I broke out the rain gear, ran, and got soaked.

By the time I got home, stretched and showered, it was clear blue sky with nary a cloud to be seen.

I didn’t time that one right…


Thursday runs sure have become my ‘meh’ days, my I don’t wanna run days, and my feeling off days.

True to form, this morning I was feeling meh, I didn’t want to run, and was feeling off.

I suppose there is something to be said for consistency.


Rest day!

I’m really debating what to do tomorrow.

The marathon is Sunday. If I was running as a civilian, I wouldn’t think twice about doing 10 miles tomorrow. However, I’m a pacer and while I have no doubt I’ll feel fine regardless of how much (or if) I run Saturday, I want to be sure I’m at 100%.

Run? Not run? Not run, but walk a bunch?

I’ll play it by ear.


I decided to not run today, but I did a ton of walking. It’s not exactly the same, but still…

I am positive I would have been physically fine running, but I think I might have gotten mentally nervous about how it would impact my marathon.

It just wasn’t worth the mental stresses.

I walked over to the convention center for the Oakland Marathon expo (2ish miles each way). And walked more in the afternoon.

That has to count for something fitness-wise, right? Especially considering how much I’ll be walking at AR50 (I totally realize I’m justifying…)


Oakland Marathon day! A full recap will be coming on Tuesday, but in brief…

I was the 5 hour pacer and came in at 4.58.59. I don’t love that I was a minute off, but I need to keep in mind that I ran for 5 hours. 1 minute is such a small percentage – I need to cut myself a little slack.

On the upside (from a training POV), I felt great. I for sure could have kept running. I don’t know if I could have basically doubled my miles, but I feel like I could have gotten close.

Tonight? So much foam rolling…

Week Overall

  • On the goals front, I did yoga, 1 of 2 days of strength work, some elevation gain (though I wouldn’t call it significant), and so much foam rolling!
  • No trails (but I will be hitting a trail tomorrow was day 2 of my back-to-back long runs)
  • I get so nervous before a race when I’m pacing – I feel like I’d be letting everyone else down if I have a bad race (in addition to having a bad race). I felt out of sorts on Saturday. It was a perfect storm of the usual pacer nerves (especially pacing for Oakland which has a history of putting mile markers in the wrong spots – which makes pacing even more difficult), but then there was also my endless debating if I should run Saturday, in addition to my on-going monologue about if I’m training enough, if I should be doing more, if I’m prepared…
  • With my freezer stocked with staples, I ate very well this week. I hit my area of focus out of the park this week!

Next Week


Plan15 milesyoga7 miles6 miles
rest13 miles10 miles
Actual15 milesrest/stretching7 miles5 miles & 7 milesrest10.5 miles6 miles

Area of Focus


I’m coming down to it now. While I’m sure I was more nervous for this marathon than I will be AR50, I need to work on focusing and relaxing.

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