Skills You Develop Running In Place

Benefits of treadmill runs

Many runners (myself included) view the treadmill as a necessary evil. It may have its place when it’s dark and rainy out, but otherwise? The treadmill is to be avoided at all costs… I mean, the thing was originally developed […]

American River 50 Training Recap: Week 6

american river 50 training recap week 6

I’ll confess, I have no idea how my training is going. I know my runs have been feeling great (yeah!), but is that enough to prepare me for race day? I have no idea. How many miles should I be […]

Checking In With Yourself Midrun

midrun check in

Even if you started your run with the best form, the best mindset, and the best plan for fuel and hydration, things can start to slide after a few miles. It’s important to check in with yourself occasionally midrun. This […]

I’ve Registered, Now What?

Registered for your first race

Maybe you’ve signed up for a race you’ve always wanted to do and the stars finally aligned to allow you to do it. Maybe you registered for the local half marathon on a whim. You’ve registered for the race…now what? […]

American River 50 Training Recap: Week 5

american river 50 mile training recap wk 5

I’m at my best when my runs are part of a routine. This was not the case this week. In lieu of two really long back-to-back training runs (which wouldn’t work in my schedule due to already made commitments), last […]

American River 50 Training Recap: Week 4

american river 50

The question I pondered this weekend – Can a Saturday be considered a ‘lazy Saturday’ if ends in me running 10 miles? Read Prior Recaps American River 50 Training Goals Strength train two times a week Yoga once a week […]

Trail Running And True Crime

true crime trail runner

I love true crime podcasts and I love trail running. Usually, these are two fairly innocuous past times that don’t interact with each other. But this past weekend, I was doing a 13-mile solo trail run. Fine. I was also […]

Conquering Your Running Demons 

Running Demons

I’d guess most runners have a few running demons. A race or an idea that takes up a disproportionate amount of your mental or psychic energy. Something that makes you face your fears and insecurities. Some running demons can be […]

American River 50 Mile Training Recap: Week 3

American River 50 Training Recap week 3

This week was remarkably unremarkable – I did my runs, felt pretty good, and had only one negative mental spiral. Read Prior Recaps American River 50 Mile Training Recap Training Goals Strength train two times a week Yoga once a […]