Oregon Coast 50k Training Recap: Week 17

Oregon Coast 50k Training Recap wk 17

As this week began, I had a pretty quiet weekend planned. I was going to run the Drag-n-Fly trail half marathon on Saturday, but other than that, my schedule was open. But as the week went on, I got a […]

8 Reasons All Runners Should Volunteer At A Race

volunteers at a race setting up an aid station

A few weeks ago, a meme was making the rounds on running Instagram. It was a bingo board with various statements about runners (‘I’ve lost a toenail,’ “I’ve run in the dark,’ ‘I’ve run on a trail,’ etc.). It was […]

Why Your Running Story Matters

Runner running by a lake

The focus so often falls on the champions There is no shortage of stories about the elites. The winners of this race or that. About how they train and what they think about when they run. I enjoy reading these […]

Oregon Coast 50k Training Recap: Week 16

Overgrown trees shading a trail

Ahh, that point in training when running simply takes over your life. 10 miles on a Wednesday? 23 on Saturday? I can only make myself get up super early for runs when we are in the midst of a heat wave, […]

Puffin Picks 9.7

A pier over the ocean

My August was filled with weekend races and mini-road trips. This relatively busy month lead to me being reminded of products I like but often don’t think of, and that my fairly high-functioning productivity system can be thrown out of […]

6 F-Words That Will Change Your Running

foot in a running shoe

There are many ways to categorize the things you should know about running. There are things you need to know as a beginner, things to know when you are trying to PR. Things to know when you begin training for […]

Oregon Coast 50k Training Recap: Week 15

Pier over the ocean

I thought I’d avoid the worst of my usual post-marathon funk after last week’s Santa Rosa Marathon. After all, for me, it was only a training run. I was wrong. My heart really wasn’t in it this week. Read Prior Recaps Oregon […]

6 Ways To Make Running A Routine

day planner and pencil

During a recent recap post for my Oregon Coast 50k training, I noticed that while I run my scheduled run nearly every time (skipping maybe 2 runs every 4-5 month training cycle), my success rate, that very same week, in […]

Race Recap: Santa Rosa Marathon

santa rosa marathon finishers medals

Prerace Thoughts I’ll be a pacer for the 4:53 pace group at the Santa Rosa Marathon (Santa Rosa has many runners aiming for Boston qualifying times, so the pace groups are designed around those times). But ‘4:53’ doesn’t exactly roll off […]

Oregon Coast 50k Training Recap: Week 14

Runners on the road, running through a vineyard

It’s yet another race-tastic weekend as I head up to Santa Rosa for the Double Barrel Challenge – running the 5k on Saturday and the full marathon on Sunday. I decided it wasn’t crazy enough to just run the marathon, […]