Rate of Perceived Exertion: A Guide for Runners

Rate of Perceived Exertion - A Guide For Runners

This is my summer of #slowrunning. I’m not training for anything. I’m focusing more on enjoying my runs and observing my surroundings. Because of where I live, local running routes are, for the most part, super hilly. Factoring in the hill […]

Trail Runners Guide To Poison Oak

Clark Kent has his kryptonite, I have poison oak. If I even look at poison oak, I get itchy. I also live in Northern California, where it is EVERYWHERE. And I love trail running, where you often can’t avoid contact […]

My Summer of #slowrunning

After taking nearly two months off (because of All This), I’ve started running again. I’m a bit concerned about what my running motivation and consistency will look like without an event to train for. I’m a planner – I need […]

Staying Motivated To Run Without Races

I make no secret of the fact I’m terrible about running regularly when I’m not training for a race. Give me training plan and a race day and I’ll run religiously. Tell me to run just because I can? Yeah, […]

Picking a Marathon Training Plan

Before you run a marathon, before your first long run, you need to have a training plan that will get you start line ready. First and foremost, let me say, yes, you need a training plan. You cannot wing it […]

Mindful Running

At its core, running is a pretty mindless activity. You put one foot in front of the other and repeat for between 1 minute to 10 hours. This is the reason some people hate running and find it boring. It’s […]

Things I Hope I Never Again Take For Granted

There are so many cliches about the time we are living in this 2020. That it’s the ‘new normal,’ or ‘unprecedented.’ But there will come a time when things begin to return to something resembling normal. I’ll leave the predictions […]

9 Kid’s Books About Running

Awhile back, I was pacing at a race (remember those? You’d get together and run with other people at the same time! What a concept!) and got talking to one of my runners who was the mom of two kids. […]

Making The Most Of Your Virtual Race

When I first wrote about virtual races a few years ago, they were still fairly obscure. I’d done a few virtual races with niche fandom running clubs for Harry Potter and Dr. Who. A few of the major running series […]

The Big List Of Running Journal Prompts

Running Journal Prompts

This is an odd time for us runners. Races are cancelled. Group runs are off. Many of us have drastically cut down (if not entirely cut out) our running. But even if we are temporarily sidelined from running, we are […]