9 Kid’s Books About Running

Awhile back, I was pacing a race (remember those? You’d get together and run with other people at the same time! What a concept!) and got talking to one of my runners who was the mom of two kids. She […]

Making The Most Of Your Virtual Race

When I first wrote about virtual races a few years ago, they were still fairly obscure. I’d done a few virtual races with niche fandom running clubs for Harry Potter and Dr. Who. A few of the major running series […]

The Big List Of Running Journal Prompts

Running Journal Prompts

This is an odd time for us runners. Races are cancelled. Group runs are off. Many of us have drastically cut down (if not entirely cut out) our running. But even if we are temporarily sidelined from running, we are […]

Dealing with Race Cancellation Disappointment

Dealing With Race Cancellation Disappointment

Endurance running is never easy. Training for and running a marathon will always be a challenge. While mass race cancellations weren’t the challenge any of us were expecting, it is the challenge we now face. While I finished my main […]

Salmon Falls 50k Race Recap

salmon falls 50k race recap

Salmon Falls 50k is a race I’d never even heard of this time last year. Then several other runners (one a fellow race volunteer at a race, and another runner I was talking to at Skyline to the Sea last […]