True Leaders Don’t Compete, They Pace

True leaders don't compete they pace

I was recently filling out a form that asked for my current marathon personal record. I realized I have no idea what mine is. It’s been years since I’ve done a marathon that isn’t either: 1) a crazy hilly trail […]

How To Physically Prepare For Active Travel

Physically Preparing for active travel

I usually write about running and fitness for its own sake. Working out so you are healthier or so you are well-trained for a goal race. Today, something totally different – physically preparing for active travel My History With Active […]

Puffin Picks 11.30

Both November and 2018 are quickly drawing to a close. This is sort of an in-between period for me – my next training cycle is just starting to ramp up (but for what I don’t know, more on this in […]

What You Can Actually Control On Race Day

Two runners on the road by the beach

About a year ago, I wrote a post suggesting you set goals that are actually within your control. Many common goals people set (OK, goals that I set) aren’t really within my control. Goals like losing 5 pounds, getting a raise at work, or […]

What I Am Thankful For

Im thankful for 2018

Last Thanksgiving, I considered why I’m thankful for running. This year, I’ll be more general – what I’m thankful for (2018 edition). This Year, I Am Thankful… I’ve Stuck With Writing And Blogging I’d toyed around with blogging and writing […]

Why Running Conversations Are Different

group running

There’s just something about the conversations you have while running that are different from any other kind of conversation. This is for sure true when you run with the same group of people week after week for years on end […]

Puffin Picks 11.16

Puffin Picks 11 6

Apparently, it’s book week here at Puffin Picks. I’ve always been a huge reader, but the downside of writing more (both for this blog and elsewhere) is that I find myself reading less. But with the poor air quality in the […]

Benefits Of Working With A Running Coach

Benefits Of Working With A Running Coach

Not that many years ago, I didn’t give all that much thought to run coaching. When I did think about it, it was only as a thing for elites and professionals, runners who are striving to win their age group […]