Dealing with Race Cancellation Disappointment

Dealing With Race Cancellation Disappointment

Endurance running is never easy. Training for and running a marathon will always be a challenge. While mass race cancellations weren’t the challenge any of us were expecting, it is the challenge we now face. While I finished my main […]

Salmon Falls 50k Race Recap

salmon falls 50k race recap

Salmon Falls 50k is a race I’d never even heard of this time last year. Then several other runners (one a fellow race volunteer at a race, and another runner I was talking to at Skyline to the Sea last […]

Ways to Bust Your Running Rut

Generally speaking, I’m a fan of running routines. My running is most consistent when I get up and out the door before I even think about it. Hills on Wednesday, long runs on Saturday. It’s just what I do. But […]

Salmon Falls 50k Training Recap: Week 16

Salmon Falls 50k Training Recap Week 16

Is it really taper time? The calendar says yes, but I can’t quite get my head around it. Partially that’s due to my funky hamstring induced running time-out and partially it’s due to the newness (to me) of running a […]

How To Be An Injured Runner

I’m in the midst of training for an ultramarathon and should be just past my peak running week. Instead, my mileage two weeks ago was exactly zero. Why? I had an odd niggle in my right hamstring. Not enough to […]