Benefits Of Working With A Running Coach

Benefits Of Working With A Running Coach

Not that many years ago, I didn’t give all that much thought to run coaching. When I did think about it, it was only as a thing for elites and professionals, runners who are striving to win their age group […]

Puffin Picks 11.2

Puffin Picks 1102

I’m just a few weeks post-big race after running the Oregon Coast 50k last month. Post big event is always an odd time for me. There’s usually a little bit of a post-event funk. I’m out of my normal workout/running routine. […]

5 Ways Finishing A Marathon Will Change You

Marathon Will Change You

Finishing a marathon is an amazing accomplishment, after all, the marathon is a huge mental and physical challenge. But did you know crossing the finish line may also very well change your life? OK, ‘change your life’ may be a […]

How My 29th Marathon Was Different Than My First

How My 29th Marathon Was Different Than My 1st

I recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of my first marathon, which has led me to reminisce about all the ways that running that first marathon was different from my last big endurance race – the Oregon Coast 50k which was marathon #29 […]

Apologies Runners Should Never Make

A foot in a running shoe

When it’s deserved, an apology can be one of the most powerful things around. But apologizing when you don’t mean it, or saying you’re sorry for something you aren’t really sorry for, can be a bad habit. As a runner, […]

Puffin Picks 10.19

Puffin Picks 1019

This past weekend was a big race weekend for me. Between running 31 miles and driving 16+ hours (round-trip) to said race, I’ve been distracted from paying much attention to things. But there is always something bringing joy into my […]

Oregon Coast 50k – Race Recap

Oregon Coast 50k

Pre-Race Thoughts Goal Generally speaking, the bigger the race, the less likely I am to set specific goals. I know that seems backward. It probably makes more sense to get super specific for ‘A’ races since they are the focus […]

My Enemies In Nature

My enemies in nature

I love trail running. Being out in nature, seeing the sights you can only see via your own two feet. I live in the Bay Area, and the sheer variety of what surrounds me never ceases to amaze me. Within an hours […]