The Long Run and the Marathon Training Puzzle

Many runners, even some experienced marathoners, are often a little confused about the role of the long run in marathon training. When I talk to marathon trainees, they often ask some version of this question: “How can running at a […]

Long Run: Before and After

I love long runs. Heading out and forgetting real life for an hour (or more). Maybe (finally!) making a dent in my back log of podcasts. Oh yeah, and the running part of it. That’s fine too, I guess. Long […]

Starting to Run Again After a Long Break

I’ve been running consistently for over 20 years. I usually train for two (or more) marathons each year. That is, until 2020. After I finished a leap day 50k, the lockdowns started. I took it as a sign the universe […]

Running in a Face Mask

Runner wearing a face mask

I’ve never liked running with something covering my face – even when running in cold weather. Sure, I’ll stand around at a cold race start line with a buff over my face, but the second the gun goes off, I […]

Foot Strength For Runners

Most strength training routines for runners focus on leg and core strength. Foam rolling usually focuses on the calves and quads. But one area that is almost always overlooked by runners when doing strength and mobility work is the feet. […]

It’s OK To Not Run

Since All This started, I’ve been writing a lot about how to stay motivated. How to set new goals and keep moving forward. Today, I’ll go full contrarian (and possibly commit runner sacrilege) and acknowledge that it’s OK if you […]