The Long Run and the Marathon Training Puzzle

Many runners, even some experienced marathoners, are often a little confused about the role of the long run in marathon training. When I talk to marathon trainees, they often ask some version of this question: “How can running at a […]

Picking a Marathon Training Plan

Before you run a marathon, before your first long run, you need to have a training plan that will get you start line ready. First and foremost, let me say, yes, you need a training plan. You cannot wing it […]

Enjoying the Marathon Training Process

A few months ago, I was pacing the Santa Rosa Marathon and was talking to one of the girls running with me. This was her first marathon, and I asked her if she thought she’d want to run more. We […]

5 Ways Finishing A Marathon Will Change You

Marathon Will Change You

Finishing a marathon is an amazing accomplishment, after all, the marathon is a huge mental and physical challenge. But did you know crossing the finish line may also very well change your life? OK, ‘change your life’ may be a […]

Training For A Marathon vs. Running A Marathon

Training For a marathon running a marathon

In training, you listen to your body. In competition, you tell your body to shut up. -Rich Froning, Jr. When writing first drafts of blog posts, I tend to use the phrases ‘running a marathon’ and ‘training for a marathon’ […]

5 Terrible Reasons To Want To Run A Marathon

Terrible marathon whys

I often talk about ‘knowing your why’ before you begin training for a marathon. Having a ‘why’ is super important for any undertaking in life, but it is especially true for marathon training, mostly because of the sheer volume of time […]

Wearing A Fitbit During Marathon Training

Wearing a Fitbit during marathon training

I train for and run several marathons a year. I’m currently training for an ultramarathon. I usually run 5 days a week and during peak training weeks I’m running at least 50 miles a week. I also wear a Fitbit […]