How Long Should My Longest Long Run Be?

The most common question I get from beginning marathoners is some version of: ‘How long should my longest long run be?’ The answer? Well, I’ll just put on my lawyer hat and give the answer we lawyers are trained to […]

5 Ways Finishing A Marathon Will Change You

Marathon Will Change You

Finishing a marathon is an amazing accomplishment, after all, the marathon is a huge mental and physical challenge. But did you know crossing the finish line may also very well change your life? OK, ‘change your life’ may be a […]

Training For A Marathon vs. Running A Marathon

Training For a marathon running a marathon

In training, you listen to your body. In competition, you tell your body to shut up. -Rich Froning, Jr. When writing first drafts of blog posts, I tend to use the phrases ‘running a marathon’ and ‘training for a marathon’ […]

5 Terrible Reasons To Want To Run A Marathon

Terrible marathon whys

I often talk about ‘knowing your why’ before you begin training for a marathon. Having a ‘why’ is super important for any undertaking in life, but it is especially true for marathon training, mostly because of the sheer volume of time […]

7 Things To NOT Do After A Long Run

Dont Do After A Long Run

Sometimes, you actually have to do things to know what doesn’t work for you. To confirm it’s not just a thing people say, but a thing people say for a reason. For me as a runner, this means knowing what works (and […]

Dos And Don’ts Of The Marathon Taper

Marathon Taper Do and Don'ts

The marathon taper is the last two or three weeks of marathon training. Your mileage decreases as you give your body the chance to replenish depleted muscles and store energy for the challenge to come. Marathon Taper Do and Don’ts […]

The 8 Stages Of Running A Marathon

Stages Of Running A Marathon

This is the last in a 4 part ‘Stages Of Marathoning’ series: 7 Stages of Marathon Training 4 Stages of Marathon Week 6 Stages of Marathon Morning  8 Stages of Running A Marathon I often hear people talk about a […]