Marathon Training From A To Z

Marathon Training A to Z

Marathon training is as simple as ABC. A is for Advice Never-ending blogs (ahem…) books, articles, and other runners will provide reams of advice on what to do, what not to do and how to survive training. Listen to all […]

Why You May Not Lose Weight Running a Marathon

Why You May Not Lose Weight Running

Many first time marathoners expect that the marathon training process will automatically lead to weight loss. It makes sense: Running 50+ miles a week, how can you NOT lose those last 10 pounds? But for many runners, marathon training leads […]

What To Do After A Terrible Training Run

Terrible Training Run

I have written before about what to do during and after a race where everything seems to be going wrong. Unfortunately, bad runs aren’t limited to races. In the months you spend training, you’re likely to have at least one […]

Why Marathoners Make the Best Employees

Marathoners make good employees

Can I toot my own horn a little? We marathoners are a pretty amazing bunch. I’ll admit we are a little crazy. We train for months so that we can pay for the privilege of running 26 miles. Terrible conditions? […]