Salmon Falls 50k Race Recap

salmon falls 50k race recap

Salmon Falls 50k is a race I’d never even heard of this time last year. Then several other runners (one a fellow race volunteer at a race, and another runner I was talking to at Skyline to the Sea last […]

Woodside Ramble 35k Trail Race: Race Recap

Woodside Ramble 35k

I haven’t run many races in the winter the past few years. I’m a coach and pacer for my running club’s marathon training program and we focus on March’s Oakland Marathon as the goal race. This means we have group […]

2019: My Year In Running

Another year of running, racing, and race volunteer shifts is (nearly) in the books. My biggest running take-away for the year? 50 Miles! I ran 50 miles. I wasn’t sure I could do it, but I did. The final tally […]

Skyline to the Sea 50k: Race Recap

I’ve done the Skyline to the Sea marathon several times and I love it. I’m in awe of the stunning Northern California scenery as the route winds through the Santa Cruz Mountains, through the redwoods, to (not surprisingly) the Pacific. […]

Drag-n-Fly Half Marathon: Race Recap

Drag-n-Fly Race Recap

Prerace Thoughts Drag-n-Fly (so named because you supposedly drag on the uphills and fly on the downs) is my one time trail running nemesis and boogie man. Now, it’s just a trail monstrosity that I inflict on myself every so often. Read More […]

Santa Rosa Marathon Race Recap

Santa Rosa Marathon

Pre-Race Thoughts My running calendar, which somehow found me running a race every weekend in August, caps off with a biggie – pacing the 4:40 pace group at the Santa Rosa Marathon. 4:40 is a faster pace group than I […]

Mendota Bottoms 10 Mile: Race Recap

Mendota Bottoms 10 mile race

A/K/A The Trail-Less Trail Race The Plan My plan was so simple. I knew I was going to be in Minnesota in August visiting my family, so I figured since I’m training for an ultra and would have to run anyway, […]

Bear Creek Trail Half Marathon Race Recap

Bear Creek Trail Half Marathon Race Recap

Pre-Race Thoughts After recently putting together my database of races, I realized that with Saturday’s finish, this will be the race I’ve done the most. It will be my 6th Bear Creek Trail Half. This really surprised me. I really like […]