Santa Cruz 30k Trail Race – Race Recap

Santa Cruz 30k Trail Race

Pre-Race Thoughts Santa Cruz will be my first race since the American River 50, which was in April, but which seems like a million years ago. I feel vaguely nervous about this race, but I can’t put my finger on […]

American River 50 Mile Endurance Run Race Recap 

American River 50

Fair warning: this race was huge for me and I have thoughts. This recap is slightly epic… settle in… I’ve retold this story several times, but I’ll recap it here (again). Running a 50-mile race was never something I’d considered […]

Oakland Marathon: Race Recap

Oakland Marathon 2019 Recap

Oakland Marathon: Pre-Race Thoughts At the end of last year’s Oakland Marathon, I said it was kinda bittersweet because it was likely my last Oakland Marathon. They had done several things in the weeks before the race (and on race […]

2018: My Year In Running

2018 year in running

As 2018 winds down, I can’t help but look back at the year that was. Overall, I’m happy with my 2018 year in running. I did a few new races and a few old favorites. Had a few pacing gigs, and […]

Oregon Coast 50k – Race Recap

Oregon Coast 50k

Pre-Race Thoughts Goal Generally speaking, the bigger the race, the less likely I am to set specific goals. I know that seems backward. It probably makes more sense to get super specific for ‘A’ races since they are the focus of […]

Rocky Ridge Trail Half Marathon: Race Recap

Rocky Ridge Trail Half Marathon

Pre-Race Thoughts I’m not sure why I thought running Rocky Ridge was a good idea. It and Drag-n-Fly (which I did two weeks ago) are the two hardest half marathons around. I’m all for a challenge, but two impossibly hard half […]

Alameda Running Festival Half Marathon: Race Recap

alameda half marathon medal

Pre-Race Thoughts I hadn’t planned on doing the Alameda Half Marathon. I did the Drag-n-Fly Trail Half the day before, and while I had back-to-back long runs planned (thanks ultra training!) Back-to-back races seemed like a bit much. But I got […]

Drag-n-Fly Trail Half Marathon: Race Recap

Drag-n-fly half marathon medal

Ahhhh, Drag-n-Fly. My one-time trail running nemesis. Now, just a crazy trail run I voluntarily inflict on myself. I’ve written about Drag-n-Fly several times before so I won’t go into too much detail. The short version: Drag-n-Fly was one of […]

Race Recap: Santa Rosa Marathon

santa rosa marathon finishers medals

Prerace Thoughts I’ll be a pacer for the 4:53 pace group at the Santa Rosa Marathon (Santa Rosa has many runners aiming for Boston qualifying times, so the pace groups are designed around those times). But ‘4:53’ doesn’t exactly roll off […]