Why You Need To Do A Race Postmortem

Race post Race post mortemmortem

If I’m training for a big race, I pretty much always have (and follow) a training plan (I am a type-A planner after all). I also usually have (and follow) some type of race plan. Historically (read: before I started this […]

5 Reasons To Do A Flat Runner

Flat Runner

If you haven’t spent much time on social media, you may not be familiar with flat runner photos. I know I hadn’t seen them before I got more involved in Instagram in the past year. When I first saw them, […]

Creating Your Race Plan

Creating A Race Plan

I’ve often referenced a ‘race plan’ in posts about preparing for and surviving race day. Several people have asked me what a race plan is, or if it’s the same thing as setting race goals. So I figured it was […]

Finish Line Decisions

Finishing a race you’ve trained for (seemingly forever), is an emotional experience. I’ve found this particularly true of marathons, where training basically takes over your life for months, but it’s true of any race. Whether the day went according to […]

Race Day Strategies: The Starting Chute

Starting Chute

My least favorite part of race mornings is killing time once I’m actually in the starting chute. I’m not a fan of the whole starting line, hurry-up-and-wait, killing time thing, but up until the time we are actually lined up, […]

Virtual Races: Why You Should Give One A Shot

Virtual Races

When you think about a ‘race,’ chances are you think of a mass of humanity running together. A crowd at the start, endless porta-potty lines, and a small army of volunteers making it all happen. And until recently, if you […]

26 Marathons, 26 Memories

Big Sur Marathon 2013

Growing up, we celebrated Golden Birthdays when your age matched your birthday day. So if your birthday was April 12th, your 12th birthday was your Golden Birthday. I recently ran my 26th marathon. Well, technically it was my 25th full […]