The Big List Of Running Goals

I am a big believer in setting goals. So often in running, those goals are focused on a racing – doing a half marathon or a marathon, for example. But there is a big wide world of running goals out […]

Race Day Pro/Con: Relying On Race Provided Fuel 

I recently came across a post on the Map My Run Blog called Should You Rely on Course-Provided Nutrition During a Race? I immediately thought – Wow, I could make that the shortest blog post possible. Here’s my version of […]

When The Run Doesn’t Go As Planned

lessons learned from mistakes

Lessons Learned From My Mistakes And Unexpected Happenings On The Run I’ve written several posts about risk management and running and about being prepared for the risks of a run. These posts combine my professional training in risk management and […]

Preparing For The Risks Of Trail Running

Risks of trail running

I recently came across an article in Runners World about the Mt. Marathon race in Alaska. The Mt. Marathon race sounds insane. It’s run every year on July 4 and while the race is short (under 4 miles), it runs […]

Why Are So Many Running Phrases Negative?

Running Phrases

I felt like I was channeling my inner Andy Rooney with this admittedly rather curmudgeonly post, but sometimes I just can’t get an idea out of my head… I was recently looking up phrases with the word ‘run’ or ‘running’ […]

I Wrote A Book!

half marathon training day by day

So I did a thing- I wrote a book! I know it’s totally cliche, but writing a book has been on my bucket list forever. Time to cross it off the list! Running and Writing Now more than ever, the […]

Types of Runs We’ve All Had

Types of run

Last weekend, I volunteered at an aid station for the Double Dipsea race, a notoriously difficult (and very famous) trail race in the Bay Area. While we were setting up, all the volunteers (all veteran runners, racers, and race volunteers) […]