Running Hills

I have a love/hate relationship with running hills. I hate them. They are hard. But I also love trail running (or more specifically, the views you only can see on your own two feet on the trail). Around me in […]

Embracing the Solo Run

As an introvert, I’ve always enjoyed solo runs. I’ve never had a problem heading out the door for a long, solo run. But, contrarian as I often am, I’m finding solo runs a lot less fun now that they are […]

Runners To Do List

Runners To Do List

I love a good to do list. This might be because I know if I don’t write something down, I’ll likely forget it. Or, time gets away from me and I forget just how long it’s been since I last… […]

Rate of Perceived Exertion: A Guide for Runners

Rate of Perceived Exertion - A Guide For Runners

This is my summer of #slowrunning. I’m not training for anything. I’m focusing more on enjoying my runs and observing my surroundings. Because of where I live, local running routes are, for the most part, super hilly. Factoring all of this […]

Trail Runners Guide To Poison Oak

Clark Kent has his kryptonite, I have poison oak. If I even look at poison oak, I get itchy. I also live in Northern California, where it is EVERYWHERE. And I love trail running, where you often can’t avoid contact […]

My Summer of #slowrunning

After taking nearly two months off (because of All This), I’ve started running again. I’m a bit concerned about what my running motivation and consistency will look like without an event to train for. I’m a planner – I need […]

Staying Motivated To Run Without Races

I make no secret of the fact I’m terrible about running regularly when I’m not training for a race. Give me training plan and a race day and I’ll run religiously. Tell me to run just because I can? Yeah, […]

Mindful Running

At its core, running is a pretty mindless activity. You put one foot in front of the other and repeat for between 1 minute to 10 hours. This is the reason some people hate running and find it boring. It’s […]

Things I Hope I Never Again Take For Granted

There are so many cliches about the time we are living in. That it’s the ‘new normal,’ or ‘unprecedented.’ But there will come a time when things begin to return to something resembling normal. I’ll leave the predictions about when […]

9 Kid’s Books About Running

Awhile back, I was pacing a race (remember those? You’d get together and run with other people at the same time! What a concept!) and got talking to one of my runners who was the mom of two kids. She […]