Staying Motivated To Run Without Races

I make no secret of the fact I’m terrible about running regularly when I’m not training for a race. Give me training plan and a race day and I’ll run religiously. Tell me to run just because I can? Yeah, […]

Mindful Running

At its core, running is a pretty mindless activity. You put one foot in front of the other and repeat for between 1 minute to 10 hours. This is the reason some people hate running and find it boring. It’s […]

Things I Hope I Never Again Take For Granted

There are so many cliches about the time we are living in. That it’s the ‘new normal,’ or ‘unprecedented.’ But there will come a time when things begin to return to something resembling normal. I’ll leave the predictions about when […]

9 Kid’s Books About Running

Awhile back, I was pacing at a race (remember those? You’d get together and run with other people at the same time! What a concept!) and got talking to one of my runners who was the mom of two kids. […]

Dealing with Race Cancellation Disappointment

Dealing With Race Cancellation Disappointment

Endurance running is never easy. Training for and running a marathon will always be a challenge. While mass race cancellations weren’t the challenge any of us were expecting, it is the challenge we now face. While I finished my main […]

Ways to Bust Your Running Rut

Generally speaking, I’m a fan of running routines. My running is most consistent when I get up and out the door before I even think about it. Hills on Wednesday, long runs on Saturday. It’s just what I do. But […]

How To Be An Injured Runner

I’m in the midst of training for an ultramarathon and should be just past my peak running week. Instead, my mileage two weeks ago was exactly zero. Why? I had an odd niggle in my right hamstring. Not enough to […]

Why You Should Keep A Race Log

Keeping a race log

I often write about spending some time after a race considering your performance or asking yourself some questions (especially if it was a bad race). Personally, much of my recap energy goes into race recaps for this blog, which are […]

The Big List Of Running Goals

I am a big believer in setting goals. So often in running, those goals are focused on racing – doing a half marathon or a marathon, for example. But there is a big wide world of running goals out there, […]