Conquering Your Running Demons 

Running Demons

I’d guess most runners have a few running demons. A race or an idea that takes up a disproportionate amount of your mental or psychic energy. Something that makes you face your fears and insecurities. Some running demons can be […]

Running Gear: Needs vs. Nice To Haves

Running Gear

They say running is a cheap sport, but anyone who has priced out a new pair of running shoes knows that isn’t the case. What is true of running is it’s as complicated (and expensive) as you want to make it. I […]

Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Running

Life Lessons From Running

Lots of running makes you a better runner. That (hopefully) is obvious. But lots of running will teach you lots of other stuff, including life lessons that will make you a better person in all areas of your life. Life […]

Mistakes That Can Derail Your Running Goals

Mistakes that can derail your running goals

There is no shortage of books and blog posts on goal setting. On this blog alone I’ve written any number of times about goal setting for runners – about setting your goal, making sure your goals are realistic, tweaking bad running […]

Getting (metaphorically) Lost On The Trail

Getting metaphorically lost on the trail

I love trail running. It combines my love of the outdoors, nature, observation, and running – all into one. Some of the most amazing and beautiful sights I’ve ever seen came on my own two feet while running. The potential […]

I Don’t Wanna Run vs. I Need A Break

I dont wanna run

We’ve all been there. You wake up tired, look at your calendar, and see you’re supposed to do a 5-mile run. You desperately don’t want to do this run. A visit to the dentist and 14 loads of laundry sound more […]