What I Am Thankful For

Im thankful for 2018

Last Thanksgiving, I considered why I’m thankful for running. This year, I’ll be more general – what I’m thankful for (2018 edition). This Year, I Am Thankful… I’ve Stuck With Writing And Blogging I’d toyed around with blogging and writing […]

Lies We Tell Ourselves About Tomorrow

Lies About Tomorrow

The existence of tomorrow is the biggest hurdle many of us face in achieving our dreams and accomplishing our goals. This may be due to active procrastination – why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? But it can […]

Pushing Through The Tough Bits

Some of the best parts of any project are the moments before you actually start. In those moments, anything is possible. It’s all upside. Of course I’m going to PR the marathon I’m going to start training for next week!  […]

The Upside Of Envy: Productive Comparison

Productive comparison

Don’t compare. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: comparison 1) isn’t helpful, and 2) will kill your excitement and enthusiasm faster than anything else around. But saying ‘don’t compare’ is sooo much easier said than done. I […]

Defending Vague Goals

Setting Vague Goals

The number one piece of advice you’ll find about setting goals is to make your goal specific. I’ve given the advice myself, and for the most part, I stand by it. But looking back at the goals I’ve set in […]