Trail Runners Guide To Poison Oak

Clark Kent has his kryptonite, I have poison oak. If I even look at poison oak, I get itchy. I also live in Northern California, where it is EVERYWHERE. And I love trail running, where you often can’t avoid contact […]

Preparing For The Risks Of Trail Running

Risks of trail running

I recently came across an article in Runners World about the Mt. Marathon race in Alaska. The Mt. Marathon race sounds insane. It’s run every year on July 4 and while the race is short (under 4 miles), it runs […]

Trail Running And True Crime

true crime trail runner

I love true crime podcasts and I love trail running. Usually, these are two fairly innocuous past times that don’t interact with each other. But this past weekend, I was doing a 13-mile solo trail run. Fine. I was also […]

6 Tips For New Trail Runners 

tips for new trail runners

I love trail running – there are so many beautiful sights that you can only discover on your own two feet. But hitting the trail for the first time may be a bit of a surprise for runners who have […]

Risk Management Strategies For Trail Runners

Risk Management For Trail Runners

Being Prepared For Whatever May Go Wrong My professional background is in risk management. For more than a decade I worked for a bank, considering what could go wrong and how the risk could be minimized. It’s a good use of […]

Skyline To the Sea Trail Marathon: Race Recap

Skyline To The Sea Marathon

I love the Skyline to the Sea marathon! This was Skyline #4 for me. The course is Northern California trail running at its best, starting in the Santa Cruz mountains and heading (not surprisingly) to the coast. While the course […]

New Trail Runner Fears: I’ll Get Lost!

getting lost trail running

I recently volunteered at a trail race with 5k, 10k, half marathon, and 50k distances. My aid station was at mile 19 of the 50K race. We weren’t going to see any runners from the other events. Except that we did. One […]

Random Passing Thoughts on a Trail Run

Bear Creek trail run

Sometimes I wish I had some sort of dictation device with me during long runs. Especially on a trail run or other races where the environment provides all sorts of novel distractions and chances for my mind to wander. I […]