Empower Race Series

Craneway Pavillon Empower Race Series Event

August 2017 Update:

The 2017 Empower Race Series is history! I had a great time! Check out my event recap:

Empower 10k

Keep an eye out for details on 2018. I’m telling you now, I’ll be there!


Do You love running?
How about empowerment?

Do you have plans for August 5?

You do now!

Join me for the Empower Race Series in Bay Area!

I am an ambassador for the Empower race series, meaning I’m spreading the word about this great event and getting people to come out for two days for fun, friends, and fitness.

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Running in the Bay Area

While you can never know exactly what to expect, August in the Bay Area is usually ideal for running.

Rain is rare. Most days start off cool & overcast (perfect for running) with the clouds burning of mid-day (perfect for hanging out post-run).

And the views of the San Francisco skyline from the Craneway are the best views around.

View of San Francisco
View of San Francisco from Richmond and the Craneway Pavilion


Since I’m local, I’ve never stayed at any of the hotels or Air B&Bs in the area so I can’t give any first-hand recommendations. If you are interested in a spot in the area let me know, I’ll do a drive-by of it and report back to you.

The Craneway is in an industrial area, and hotels in the immediate vicinity are pretty limited.

I’d recommend staying in Berkeley or Emeryville, both of which are a straight shot up I 80 to get to the Craneway Pavilion (estimated drive time 10-15 minutes).

Another option, a bit further out, is to stay in Jack London Square. Jack London has a few cute little hotels and is walking distance to restaurants and the waterfront.

It’s a great spot to experience the Oakland vibe (estimated drive time 15-20 minutes).

What Else To Do


While in the area, I’ll let you in my (sorta) secret spot to hang out and drink.

Rigger’s Loft Wine Company. Rigger’s Loft near the Red Oak Victory Ship a short drive from Craneway.

Riggers Loft Wine Company
Riggers Loft Wine Company

Appropriately, I first discovered Riggers Loft on a run. A friend and I ran past it. We had to figure out why this old building had wine barrels out front. Once we figured out it was a wine bar, of course we had to stay for a drink (in our sweaty running clothes).

A few drinks later, my friend had signed up for their wine club and we faced the challenge of running 4 miles back to our car with a few glasses of wine in us.

It’s a cool place with a great selection of wines, and an amazing view of San Francisco.


Right next door to the Craneway is the Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front Historic Park, a fun little museum about the shipbuilding and other industrial activity that took place in the area just before and during World War II.

Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front National Historic Park

As you may guess from the name, it also talks a bit about how women and minorities were impacted by this activity.

They are open 7 days a week from 10-5. Admission is free.