Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about my site and my blog.

Why do you keep sending me to Amazon?

While I love writing this blog, it does take time and money. I am working a few different options to try to generate a little income to offset these costs.

One method of monetization I’m trying is affiliate relationships, where I earn a reward or commission from items purchased via links I provide. Amazon is one the affiliate relationships that I have.

Read my full Affiliate Policy.

I take my reputation seriously and will only link to items I have and love or that I wish I had. I love getting recommendations of great things from people I trust, and my goal is to do the same thing here: be a trusted source of great recommendations.

My guiding principal when providing an affiliate link: Would I recommend this to my mom?

I have no interest in providing dozens of links to utter crap just to make a small commission.

If you object or have an issue with any of my affiliate links, please let me know below. I want to make these links as useful as I can.

Who does your Web hosting?

SiteGround. I have been very happy with SiteGround, where even a total newbie like me can get a site up and running. Check them out (this is another affiliate link, FYI):

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