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The Huffing and Puffin Newsletter is sent out every two weeks. Every issue contains links to stories about Running, Fitness, Inspiration, and anything else that catches my eye.


2020 Past Issues

September 23: When the World Is Quiet

September 9: Is the Sky Blue?

August 26:What Are You Taking For Granted?

August 12: Mood Follows Action

July 29: Cancel Should

July 15: What a Beautiful Day for a Daydream

July 1: Stop Making it Worse

June 17: Focus on Actions, Not Outcomes

June 3: Start Where You Are

May 20: Review your BC (before Corona) To Do List

May 6: Show Up. Do Your Best

April 22: Who Are You When No One Can See You?

April 8: Rethink You Routines

March 25: Today is Someday

March 11: Control What is Controlable

February 26: The Art of the Imperfect Start

February 12: Are You A Productive Procrastinator?

January 29: In this issue: Uncomfortable things to do for yourself, thinking aloud, and being more likeable

January 15: Setting intentions for the new year and ways to stop overthinking

January 1: In this issue: Daily challenges for mental strength, speaking of yourself in the third person, and goals for high achievers