Oakland Marathon Training Recap: Week 11

Oakland Marathon Training week 11

I’m continuing on with the 15-Day Yoga Challenge. I doubt I’ve ever done yoga 15 days in a row before- I tend to not do streaks like that, I believe in rest days and taking mental and physical breaks. I’ll never understand the guys who have run every day for 20 or 30 years, why would you want to do that?

It’s been good timing for the challenge. The extra strength and stretching has felt really good as my mileage creeps up and up.

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Oakland Marathon Training Recap

Oakland Marathon week 11

Training Goals

  • I am a pace group leader for Saturday group long runs, so my main goal is to hit my pace – 11:00 (+/- 10 seconds) on training runs
  • 1 strength workout a week
  • Run 1 new route each week. I’ve been making sure I consciously take new routes on a regular basis so I don’t get back into a running rut. Even minor changes to a usual route can make a huge difference
  • 1 Yoga/Stretching/Pilates workout a week
  • Regular Foam Rolling – I won’t define ‘regular’ but I’ll know it when I do it (or not)

The Plan v. Reality: Week 11

PlanYoga5 miles
8 miles
5 miles
yoga16 milescross-Train
ActualYoga5 miles
8 miles
5 miles
Yoga16 miles

Area of Focus This Week

Yoga Challenge

The Week That Was


Of the 12 videos that make up the Yoga Challenge, the video I dreaded doing most is Sun Salutations. I hate sun salutations. They bore me to tears and it’s my least favorite part of any yoga class.

So a class made up entirely of sun salutations!?

I was in a quandary this morning with two competing life philosophies:

  • ‘Eat the frog’ (do the thing you dread first and get it done); and
  • ‘As goes Monday, so goes the rest of the week’.

If I ‘eat the frog’ and get the video I dread out of the way, it may put me in a bad mood, clouding up my Monday mood and threatening my positivity for the rest of the week.

Do I risk it?

I ate the frog and did the Sun Salutation video.

It was just as tedious as I anticipated, but it’s done.


I need to find a new 5-mile route. My go-to 5-mile route:

  1. Is now home to a fairly large homeless encampment that has developed in the few weeks since I ran it last; and
  2. There is no section of the course quiet enough for me to stop and film.

I’ve never considered how loud a course was before in my running. How quickly my priorities change.

Today in the Yoga Challenge – Spine Strength. I was expecting 20 minutes in down dog. I was pleasantly surprised that it was a good back and shoulder workout with zero time in down dog.


The calendar may read January (Still!? Good God, January goes on forever), but today was flat out spring. My longer mid-week run was good, but uneventful.

I consider ‘uneventful’ on a run a good thing, although I was held up by the longest freight train ever going through Jack London Square. I can usually avoid them, but this one never ended.

The Yoga Challenge today is the shortest and easiest video: Warm-Up (it said in the notes in the original challenge it was also suitable for cool-down).

Simple, but good.


Tried a new 5-mile route today, heading over to the local cemetery.

It was a good route. It helped that it was again an absolutely perfect morning for running. I likely would have enjoyed running any course this morning.

The Yoga Challenge video this morning was Legs. Better than expected. I’ve enjoyed this challenge. So far there has only been one video I didn’t like (Legs and Hips). That’s a good pretty good success ratio. While I also disliked the Sun Salutation video, that was out of my dislike for sun salutations. I won’t blame the video for that.

Tomorrow will be the last of the videos (day 12 of the challenge). I may as well see it through to the end and repeat 3 videos and make it a full 15-day challenge.

Why not?


Today was the last of the videos, and the second one that I was really dreading: Core. I hated it, not because it was a bad video, but because my core is a known weak spot and this video REALLY reinforced that.

At least it was mercifully short- clocking in at around 13 minutes.

I was surprised they didn’t offer more beginner modifications (I know I’m not the only one with a weak core). Luckily I knew of some modifications from attending yoga classes over the years.

Otherwise, I would have been in a world of hurt.


No group run this morning, the marathon trainees are supposed to run the Kaiser Half Marathon tomorrow. I don’t like the Kaiser half. I did it once and passed a man at the finish who had collapsed (and later died) the mere thought of doing that race brings up memories of dead guys.

I’ll pass.

I’d love to take this off week to do a trail race somewhere, but sadly, this seems to be the only weekend in the Bay Area where there isn’t a single other trail half marathon to be had.

So instead, I headed out to my favorite trail running long run trail: Briones to Mt. Diablo. A good mix of crazy hilly dirt trail and flat paved trail. A little bit of everything and long enough to do the longest of long runs.

I am WAAAYYY out of shape for hilly trails. It didn’t help that it was unseasonably warm today (75 degrees as I got back to the car.)

My first repeat Yoga Challenge video was Gentle Yoga.


Today I decided to re-do the Hips video. On my best day I have tight hips, after a hilly 16-mile run? Forget about it.

really needed to stretch out my hips this morning.

I’ll break out the foam roller this afternoon while I watch part of the Super Bowl. I have zero interest in the game, but as a native of the Minneapolis area, I have to watch a bit to see how the hometown comes off (and to hear the wimpy newscasters complain about how cold it is).

Week Overall

  • A good 75% of the times I’ve typed ‘yoga’ in these past two weeks, I’ve type ‘yoda’ in my first draft. The fact none of them (I’m pretty sure) made it into the final version is a miracle.
  • It’s been an interesting experience watching the video segments I’ve been filming on the run for my YouTube videos. I’m getting over the worst of my ‘I hate myself on film’ thing (by straight up exposure therapy ), but as I watch back my little segments, I can actually see the moment brain has a melt-down when I lose my train of thought or forget what I’m talking about. Cracks me up every time.

Next Week


Planyoga5 miles8 miles5 milesRest19 miles @ 11:00 min/milecross-train
Actualyoga6 miles8 miles5 milesrest19 miles @10:56 min/mileYoga & upper body work

Area of Focus

Stength. The 15-Day Yoga Challenge ends tomorrow. I’ll have to find something to replace it.


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