Oakland Marathon Training Recap: Week 17

oakland marathon recap 17

One last Oakland Marathon recap!

I have one more week of training, but next week is mostly rest and a few short runs. The only real question for the week is if I’ll do the 2-mile run on the calendar for Wednesday (I don’t know that I’ve ever done that 2-mile run).

After a few rounds doing these recaps, I’ve learned there is no way to make recaps interesting when there is nothing to recap but rest and overthinking the upcoming race day.

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Oakland Marathon Training Recap

oakland marathon recap 17

The Plan v. Reality: Week 17

Planrest4 miles3 miles4 milesrest10 miles @ 11:00 min/mile pacecross-train/rest
Actualrest4 miles3 miles
Stretch Class
4 milesrest10 miles @ 10:51 min/mile pacerest

Area of Focus


The Week That Was


I’ve now been doing the Asana Rebel daily workouts pretty regularly. Most are pretty good, a few have been meh.

Today was the first time I actively didn’t like (dare I say I hated?) one their workouts: Core Plank.

It was really odd. More than a little reminiscent of the Cupid Shuffle Plank Challenge that has been making the rounds. It seemed to be going for a bit of cardio and, for my money anyway, it fell totally flat.

I hereby give myself a pass on this workout whenever it comes up in rotation.

Bad, bad, bad.


Another rainy run. I stalled a little before heading out and missed the worst of the rain, but I was still soaked to the bone by the time I was done.

I don’t have much to say about this run, which is great for running (especially during the taper), but not so great for the blog.

I am unreasonably excited about a new overlay app (velographic) that I can use for my Instagram photos that shows how many feet the course climbed.

It’s the little things.


Today’s run was 3 miles, the shortest run in months. In typical taper fashion, I felt TERRIBLE.

I know it’s all part of the taper process. It happens to me every single time, but I also hate it every single time.

Another trip to Truve for the free community Strech and Flex class (basically an hour of stretching and foam rolling).

I guess the first week (when we didn’t do any strength moves) was a fluke, since today we again did a few push-ups and crunches. But unlike last week where I was surprised by push-ups, this week I was ready for it.


Our drizzly days, that go from rain to blue skies and back again in minutes, continues.

It wasn’t raining when I left the house, so I felt (too) confident, and left my raincoat at home.



In true taper style, I did my daily stretching today and nothing else.

See? This is why I won’t be recapping anything next week. I could copy and paste this every day next week.


Final long run with the training group!

I’m shocked my pace was 10:51 (within my acceptable over/under range). I spent most of this run reminding myself to slow down. Between it being a shorter run and it being our last run, I was antsy to finish.

We’ve all been at this so long, it feels odd for it to be our last run together and to be talking about race strategy.

Some of my people, who have now been running with me for 17 weeks, plan on running with me on race day, even though they could run faster if they wanted to.

They said they know and trust me, they know I’ll get them to finish line. They’d rather run with me than go it alone or run with a faster pacer who they didn’t know.

I won’t lie, that warms my heart a little bit.

Not only because they have such faith in me (and will tolerate my company for another 5 hours), but because it means I’ve done a good job converting others to my way of thinking about running and marathoning: enjoying the experience, feeling strong, and staying healthy should take priority over hitting an arbitrary time mark.

They’d rather enjoy the race with me then set a PR (though some are running their first marathon, so they’ll PR regardless).


I won’t even pretend I did any cross-training today. I’m in full-on, lay-low taper mode. I only did the Asana Rebel daily workout: Flow Balance.

I went to a blogger event this afternoon sponsored in part by a fitness blogger group I’ve worked with (Sweat Pink- the ones who put on Blogfest and last year’s Empower 10k). Wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’m always up for a seminar.

This isn’t remotely relevant to this recap, but it made for an interesting afternoon. Why have a blog if I can’t occasionally share amusing anecdotes?

The attendees were mostly fashion/lifestyle bloggers and influencers. My fellow Sweat Pinkers and I were the only ones without one of the following: pink hair, ombre hair, a fedora, a felt hat, a floral jumpsuit/romper, or a little leather choker.

I was easily the oldest in the room and the only one with short hair. I left feeling severely under-styled and unfashionable. None of that bothers me in the slightest, but it was hard not to notice.

It was a fairly short event and well-worth my time, especially because I got the last goodie bag (they only gave them to the first 30 people). I do love my free stuff (in this case, from Sweet 1985 and Miloliilove).

Goodies from the blogger seminar

Week / Training Review

I sure don’t feel like I’m doing a marathon next week. I’ve been consciously trying to put Oakland out of my mind, but I may have done too good of job with it. I was recently making plans and almost suggested the afternoon of the 25th, totally forgetting I have a marathon that day.

This training cycle just goes to show you, even after doing this 27 times, you can still be surprised by the experience of marathon training.

The first 14 weeks of training were as typical as I’ve ever experienced. Then the organizers dropped the new course bomb and everything shifted. I’m glad I had this blog which forced me to process the changes in a productive way, providing a structure for my ranting.

Physically, I feel totally ready for marathon day. Mentally, I’ll be fine.

While I’m not as excited about race day as I was a month ago, I’ll be able to put that aside for the race and be as chipper and upbeat as I ever can be on race day (meaning I’m a sarcastic introvert. Under ideal conditions I won’t be a singing ‘party pacer’ – I’ve written about my experience with the Big Sur ‘party pacer’ haven’t I? but I can be upbeat in my own introverted, subdued way).

I do have a nagging suspicion someone will take a wrong turn on race day.

The new course has a TON of turns and switchbacks, and I don’t feel like a month is enough time for even the most amazing race organizers to put together the correct signs, enough signs, and/or sufficient course marshalls to direct us properly. And CSE, the Oakland Marathon race organizers, fall well short of amazing.

I predict someone will have directional issues, I’m just hoping it won’t be me.

Next Week


PlanRest3 miles2 milesrestrestrestMARATHON!

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2 thoughts on “Oakland Marathon Training Recap: Week 17

  1. Oh boy, a course change within the month of the marathon? That sounds crazy! I’m sending you all the good vibes and I’m sure you will lead your group through a great marathon regardless. Great job with the training. It sure sounds like you’re physically prepared.

    1. Thank you! It sure wasn’t the training cycle I expected when I started 18 weeks ago, but I suppose I shouldn’t get too comfortable while marathon training! I’m ready to go and looking forward to leading my pacees to race day successes.

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