Oakland Marathon Training Recap: Week 7

Oakland Marathon Training Recap week 7

I started the year strong with the tail end of my 3-day, 2-year running extravaganza. And 5 days into the new year and I’ve already made one of my new year’s resolutions happen by officially launching my YouTube channel with video #1. Talk about quick wins!

Imagine what I’ll get done in the rest of the 360 days this year!

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Oakland Marathon Training Recap week 7

Oakland Marathon Training Recap

Training Goals

  • I am a pace group leader for Saturday group long runs, so my main goal is to hit my pace – 11:00 (+/- 10 seconds) on training runs
  • 1 strength workout a week
  • Run 1 new route each week. I’ve been making sure I consciously take new routes on a regular basis so I don’t get back into a running rut. Even minor changes to a usual route can make a huge difference
  • 1 Yoga/Stretching/Pilates workout a week
  • Regular Foam Rolling – I won’t define ‘regular’ but I’ll know it when I do it (or not)

The Plan v. Reality

PlanRest4 miles
7 miles4 miles
Rest15 miles (11 min/mile pace)
cross train
ActualHalf Marathon!NTC Yoga4 miles4 milesRest15 miles (10:50 min/mile pace)Not so much with the cross training

Area of Focus This Week


The Week That Was


I fully recapped my New Year’s Day trail half in its own post – I won’t repeat myself here, other than to say the New Year’s Day Half Marathon was great. I felt surprisingly strong considering my 3-day running extravaganza.

You can also see my video recap of the 2-year marathon on my brand new YouTube Channel! I plan on doing more videos in 2018 so be sure to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss anything I have on tap for this year.

As I write this on Monday afternoon, I can guarantee one thing: there is exactly zero chance of me running the scheduled 4 miles and doing the 45-minute (high-intensity, of course) Nike Training Club workout on the calendar for tomorrow.


As expected, I threw the planned run and NTC workout out the window this morning.

I feel pretty good today. I’m super surprised that at no time during my multi-day adventure was I particularly sore. A little chafed perhaps, but not sore. But I still know not to push it.

Instead of the doing the 45-minute high-intensity strength workout NTC wanted me to do, I did the ‘Focused Restorative Yoga’ class.


Sorta getting back into my usual routine this morning, but noticed a distinct lack of oomph on my run.

Today I pretended it was yesterday and did 4 miles, heading up into the Piedmont hills. I did realize during Monday’s hilly trail run I’ve been dropping the ball lately on my hill running.

Also did my usual daily stretching, doing Asana Rebel ‘Sunrise Flow.’ The app marks how many days in a row you’ve done their workouts – today was lucky #13.


The weather on today’s run could best be described as ‘moody.’ #seenonmyrun

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Started to (sort of) fall back into line with my schedule and did 4 miles – basically the same route as yesterday but with a little diversion into a park to keep it from being a total repeat of yesterday.

I don’t want deja vu.


I love it when chilly, rainy days fall on my rest days. It was a day to only leave the house to go to my volunteer gig taking care of kittens waiting for forever homes.

Can’t say I really did any physical activity today. I sat on my butt and worked on editing my very first video for YouTube (the outcome is posted above!)


We ended 2017 running the Golden Gate Bridge, and start 2018 running the Bay Bridge.

This is the first week the half marathon trainees officially joined us. It was great to have the energy of the new runners, but it was hard to talk to and get to know the new people – the bridge is LOUD.

I have zero enthusiasm for the NTC workout scheduled today (45 minute, high-intensity, of course). It would have been the last workout in my current 6-week program. I was doing pretty well with the program until last week. I’ll choose to think of it as a 5-week plan that I did really well with, and forget that I bailed on 100% of the workouts this week.


Today was a very low-key day. I can’t say I did anything I could call ‘cross-training’ even by the most generous of definitions.

I really just didn’t feel like doing anything. I don’t give into that feeling very much, but once in a blue moon, I’ll indulge my ‘I don’t wanna’ side. Today is one of those days.

After running 36 miles this week (63 if I count it from last Saturday), I feel like I earned a few guilt-free low-key days.

Week Overall

  • This year I seem to be baffled by proper sidewalk etiquette. Both last week and this, our path was divided into three lanes – bikes one way, bikes the other, and pedestrians. It feels correct for me to run on the far right side, which as marked is for bikes (which then gets me in trouble with the bikers since I’m in their lane). If I run on the far right side of the pedestrian lane, I’m running in the middle of the path, which feels really odd. I can’t seem to win. I don’t remember having this problem before.
  • I think this is the most off-the-schedule I’ve ever been with my running while in the midst of training. It’s for a good reason, but still, it feels odd.
  • I haven’t decided what to do next on the strength workout front. Try a new NTC program? Try a new workout app? Who knows.
  • My area of focus this week was hydration. I did just OK with it. I consumed lots of beverages, lots of coffee, lots of cocoa (often with a splash of peppermint schnapps- I have to use up the bottle somewhat near Christmas), but not enough water.

Next Week: Week 8


PlanRest4 miles7 miles4 milesrest16 miles @ 11:00 min/mile pacecross train
Actualrest4 miles7 miles4 milesrest16 (ish) miles 11:08 min/mile paceyoga

Area of Focus

Strength – with my latest NTC workout program over, I’ll have to consciously make an effort to do some sort of strength work.

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