Oakland Marathon Training Recap: Week 10

Oakland Marathon Training week 10

This was a good week.

It was a week where everything felt like it was coming together. Maybe the feeling will stick around, maybe it won’t. Either way, it’s here now so I’ll focus on that (I’m putting that newly learned mindfulness to work!)

One big reason it was a good week is I released my first ‘filmed on the run’ video, check it out to see what has had me all distracted on the run:

Doing video is something I’ve thought about and wanted to do almost as long as I’ve been doing this blog.

I always made excuses why I shouldn’t/couldn’t do it, but wanting to do it never went away.

While I think my videos (currently) fall short of anything I’d consider good, I am unreasonably proud of myself for releasing it. The only way I’ll get better is by doing it, not just thinking about it.

I’m following my own advice: face your fears, do your best, celebrate every victory.

I guess I know what I’m talking about after all!

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Oakland Marathon Training Recap

Oakland Marathon Training week 10

Training Goals

  • I am a pace group leader for Saturday group long runs, so my main goal is to hit my pace – 11:00 (+/- 10 seconds) on training runs
  • 1 strength workout a week
  • Run 1 new route each week. I’ve been making sure I consciously take new routes on a regular basis so I don’t get back into a running rut. Even minor changes to a usual route can make a huge difference
  • 1 Yoga/Stretching/Pilates workout a week
  • Regular Foam Rolling – I won’t define ‘regular’ but I’ll know it when I do it (or not)

The Plan v. Reality

PlanRest4 miles8 miles4 milesRest14 miles @ 11:00 min/mile pacecross train
4 miles
8 miles
4 miles
Yoga14 miles @ 10:52 pace

Area of Focus This Week


The Week That Was


Today’s Asana Rebel workout was ‘Base Lift’ a bit longer than their usual videos, but lots of good little hip moves.

I decided to start the Run The Year 15-Day Yoga Challenge today. They put out the challenge last year, but I never got around to actually starting it. The challenge includes 12 different videos put together by Five Parks Yoga (based somewhere in Colorado), each with a different area of focus.

Why they made a 15-day challenge with only 12 videos, I have no idea. They have a list of videos and you do them in any order you choose. Today I did Feet + Ankle yoga.

Not hard really, but moves I don’t usually do stretching parts of my feet I don’t usually stretch.

It was odd, but felt good.


My mid-run filming continues (and likely will for the foreseeable future), but I’m finding a good rhythm to it now, it seems like less of a big deal every time I do it.

Today’s yoga video was Spine Strength. Lots of bends and twists. Felt good after my morning run.


I ran to Jack London Square this morning.

What I’ve learned so far filming my ‘on the run’ segments is how loud the world is, even in areas that seem like they should be quiet.

Even in out-of-the-way parks there are screaming kids and dogs. Moving away from them means I’m too close to the road and can hear the traffic, including a never-ending stream of trash trucks and heavy construction vehicles.

It’s a loud world we live in people.

It was also windier than I thought today. When I got home to review my videos, the wind made a few of them unusable. I’m sure if I knew more about audio they could be salvaged, but considering they are 20-second clips, they are easier to just redo.

Today’s yoga video was Legs and Hips. I’d review it as ‘meh.’

A perfectly fine (if predictable) combination of lunges and warrior poses. The pacing of it seemed super slow, but not in a good, intentionally-focused yoga way.

It just felt poorly paced.


Today was a great day!

My run was good. Yoga workout was Hips. I expecting 20 minutes of pigeon pose but was very pleasantly surprised- lots of different moves, a few that I’ve never done (or even heard of) before.


And the day only got better from there:

  • I launched my multi-media empire (a girl can dream) with the release of my first real video! For where I am (the VERY beginning) in the learning process, I’m happy with it.
  • I may have gone out for a cheeseburger with a cheese skirt (a/k/a an obscene amount of fried cheese surrounding a burger). Following through on a years-long goal means treating myself!
  • I got great feedback from both people at GU and the presenter about the post I did this week recapping the GU mindfulness seminar (why didn’t it occur to me that the presenters would read my recap!? That’s a little embarrassing!).
  • An older post went a bit viral (at least by my definition) so I have a bunch of new visitors to my site.
  • I also got word on something that I can’t yet talk about, but that I’m totally stoked about (did I really just write ‘stoked’!?) Stay tuned!


My Yoga Challenge continues. Today was a rest day from running, so I figured it would be a good day to fit in the longest video: the 60-minute yoga class.

It was fine. A standard yoga class, a few sun salutations, a few warriors, a little balancing.

They are all taught by the same lady, she’s pretty unobtrusive and mostly avoids using the Sanskrit names for poses, both of which are huge plusses for me.


14 mile long run with the running club on the Iron Horse and Contra Costa Canal Trails. Felt great. Dare I say 14 miles felt easy?

Unlike last week, my Garmin even decided to behave today.

The temperature wasn’t particularly cold this morning, yet I sure felt unusually cold, but it turned into a beautiful day.

Today in Yoga Challenge-land – Gentle Yoga. It was a perfect little 20-minute video to do after a long run. Easy (as in gentle, not as in simple) and calming.

I’ll add this video to the mix of courses I do again.


Today’s yoga was Balancing. It started great, but the last 10 minutes (of the 30-minute class) fell off the cliff as the otherwise beginner/ advanced beginner friendly classes devolved into super-advanced headstands and handstands.

The teacher acknowledged they are advanced moves and said beginners could just quit early.

It seems like there could have been some beginner modifications…

Week Overall

  • My area of focus this week was strength. While I didn’t do any true strength work, taking up the Yoga Challenge more than made up for it. Most of the videos I’ve done so far are as much strength as they were stretchy and yoga-ey.
  • I’m still confused why a 15-day Yoga Challenge would create 12 videos. The more I think about it, the more it confuses me. Why not just make 3 more and make it even?
  • One more plug – subscribe to my brand-spankin’ new YouTube Channel! There will be a new video every other Thursday (maybe a bit more often as I start out – I’m practicing my skills and building up my library).

Next Week


PlanYoga5 miles
8 miles
5 miles
yoga16 milescross-Train
ActualYoga5 miles
8 miles
5 miles
Yoga16 miles

Area of Focus

Yoga Challenge. It is still TBD if I’ll do the full 15-day challenge (repeating a few videos), or stop at 12 (doing each video once). In either case, next week will be yoga-rific.

There are a few of the videos I dread doing. Doing them all means I can only put them off so long.

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