Oregon Coast 50k Training Recap: Week 3

oregon coast 50k training recap 3

My training plan for the Oregon Coast 50k is two-steps forward one step back (intentionally – one week I’m going longer/harder, then the next week is an easier step back week to prevent burnout and overtraining). This is my first step back week and as a result, this week is my lowest mileage week of the entire training cycle.

I tried to enjoy it and keep in mind the big picture, but I instead constantly fought the feeling that I wasn’t doing enough.

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Oregon Coast Training Recap

oregon coast 50k training recap 3

My Training Goals

  • One new route every week
  • One route with significant elevation gain each week
  • Strength training 2x week
  • Foam rolling 1x week
  • 2 trail runs per week

The Plan v. Reality: Week 3

PlanNTC4 miles4 miles
4 milesNTC11 miles8 miles
Actual30 min NTC4 miles4 miles
30 min. NTC
4 miles30 min. NTC14 miles8 miles
15 min. NTC

Area of Focus This Week


The Week That Was


Started the week with the Nike Training Club (NTC) workout ‘Walk The Plank.’ NTC said the focus of this workout is mobility, and I believe it. No cardio, just lunges and a few twisty moves to get the joints moving.

I should have predicted it based on the name, but there was also quite a few planks. However, NTC is notoriously bad at naming workouts (see: ‘Crunch And Burn’ doesn’t have a single crunch), so it wasn’t as obvious as you may think.


It’s all about perception.

Today was a warm summer day. If it hadn’t been for last weekend, I would have said: ‘it was SOOO hot! How ever could I run in this summer weather?’

But after running in 90+ degree heat last weekend, today’s upper 70s feels ideal.

My body thermometer has been off the last few days. It’s the same feeling I have the day of a marathon, I can be freezing and roasting at the same time (usually my face is roasting and my body is freezing). After my unintentional heat training over the weekend, my body is a little confused.

It’s super annoying. No matter how I dress, it’s wrong. I can’t get comfortable.

It’s also been impacting my sleep – I keep waking up either roasting or freezing. It doesn’t help that I haven’t figured out the right summer blanket combos yet.


Global Running Day!

There were all kinds of events today, most of them tonight, but I decided just to do my usual morning run. If there was any doubt, the heat wave has passed and the wind is again strong and cold. Gotta love the Bay Area.

What a difference a few days makes.

After my run, I stopped in a local garden to film a few YouTube segments. The second I stopped, this squirrel ran up to me.

I was torn – either it was adorable and I’ve just made a new friend or this squirrel has rabies (I vaguely remember reading that a rabies symptom in animals is a lack of fear of humans), and it’s going to scratch me and I’ll die.

After my run, I did the NTC workout, ‘Body Flexor 2.0.’ It was a good workout, almost every move was done/held for 1 minute, so I didn’t feel like there was much to it. For the most part, I don’t mind doing a move for 1 minute, but it can be a bit tough for core moves and push-ups.

For me, 1 minute of push-ups goes on forever.

It was another three workout day, as I went to the Truve Community Flex And Stretch Class. Today’s class was very twisty with lots of spinal twists and bends.


Today was a wonderfully uneventful run.

I have many of these every training cycle. They are good for my running, not so much for re-capping.

They aren’t terribly exciting to read (or write) about.


‘Only’ the NTC workout ‘From The Ground Up’ today.

For the longest time, I’ve considered mountain climbers to be my nemesis and my least favorite exercise.

After the workout today, I may have to amend that. I hate split jumps.

After spending several minutes during the course of this workout doing split jumps, I think split jumps have overtaken mountain climbers. They are now my least favorite exercise.


I tried a new route today- a loop of the Briones Reservoir. I loved it! I have a new 14-mile go-to route.

It’s on East Bay Municipal Utilities District (EBMUD) land, so you need to get a use permit. I was so excited to try this trail when I first read about it on Weekend Sherpa, I bought an annual pass (a whopping $10 investment), so this was the first outing of my brand new permit.

After last week’s short stint in parking lot jail I took specific note of the closing time of the parking lot (1/2 hour before sunset for the record). For what it’s worth I had plenty of time last week to read all of the signs at the gate of now infamous (in my mind anyway) China Camp parking lot – there was no posted closing time.

This course has a bit of everything. Parts are wooded, parts are open land, and it’s well marked! I love when I don’t have to break out the map running on a new course.

Although I would have appreciated a little less poison oak in the last few miles (this was my first post-run dousing of [amazon_textlink asin=’B0034CZ3M6′ text=’Tecnu ‘ template=’ProductLink’ store=’sarakurth-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’12ca84a7-6d30-11e8-a69c-01f4d3bdcc47′]of the season).

The animal tally from this run:

  • 1 snake spotted (I think a ringneck, but I’m not certain) I am soooo proud of myself that I didn’t let out my usual involuntary snake squeal
  • 1 tick removed from my sock

Between this post and Instagram, today I’ve also learned that I have to add ‘reservoir’ to the list of words I can’t spell.


I considered doing another trail outing this morning, but my heart wasn’t in it, so I just went for a run in the neighborhood – running to Jack London Square.

When my runs from home get over about 6 miles I usually make my way to Jack London Square and the wolf statues reminded me (to my great shame) that I’ve never read Call Of The Wild.

Today’s NTC workout was ‘Sweat and Shape 2.0.’ My heart wasn’t in this either.

I did the first 15ish minutes, but I just couldn’t make myself see it through to the end so I bailed.

Week Overall

  • I only did 1 trail outing this week. I figured there was no upside to my making myself do a second trail run when I wasn’t feeling it. It’s one thing to make myself run (I do that all the time), but too many things can go wrong on the trail. It isn’t safe for me to go solo on a trail if I know I won’t be paying attention.
  • Going forward, I want to do one of my trail runs during the week. One (or both) of my weekend long runs can also be trails, but there is no reason (other than habit) I can’t hit the trail during the week. In fact, it’s better if I do – it’s much less crowded in popular parks like Redwoods and Tilden.
  • You may notice I am less strict about hitting the exact mileage of my training plan on trail runs. The extra elevation is an added challenge, as is finding courses that are just the right length. I try to get close, but I’m not going to sweat being a bit off. I was short last week, long this week. It all works out in the end.

Next Week: Week 4


Planrest4 miles
6 miles4 miles
rest15 miles
8 miles
Actualrest4 miles6 miles4 miles
30 min NTC
rest15 miles7.5 miles

Area of Focus

I’m sticking with hydration

I did pretty well in my hydration goal this week. I pretty much always had my water bottle with me, though there is still room for improvement.

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